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Drifting along the calm waters of its namesake lake, UROS WALISKI LODGE offers travellers to Peru something truly unique and inspiring. Standing out amongst other luxury and eco lodges in the world, let alone just in Peru. It is a magical destination and a pioneer in alternative luxury accommodation, introducing guests to a local tradition and culture unlike anything else.


A completely 100% local business that continues to live and operate in a sustainable manner that offers the perfect method of educating and engaging guests with the local culture and supporting the local community. Uros Floating Island is an insight for any one staying there.


The lodge sits upon an organic but artificial island which is made by using reeds woven into the island’s body to maintain it. Great efforts have been made to keep the traditional building methods alive and this includes the construction of the reed houses.

All of the rooms are made almost entirely from reed and wood and the buildings of the floating islands are constructed using traditional tools and methods to protect the environment and the people that live on Uros Floating Island.

With little light or air pollution, at night time the stars are startingly bright and sunsets and sunrises are mesmerising. It is the sort of destination that inspires novels to be written, paintings to be painted and life’s priorities to fall into place.


Meals are prepared with fresh local ingredients and organic products served in their dining room at specific times and certain liquors and special wines are available on request for an additional cost.


Completely self-sustaining the electricity is solar generated, and a separate gas system heats the main dining area. Bed heating is provided by hot water bottles and all lighting both  internal and external use low wattage bulbs with solar energy.

Guests are encouraged to carefully consider the environmental impact of their stay and so in order to minimize water and detergent use, there is not a routinely daily change of sheets and towels during a guest’s stay. Before new guests arrive, the sheets and towels are laundered using environmentally friendly washing powder. In line with this all the soaps, body wash, shampoo and conditioner are all environmentally friendly.


 Not just a place to stay but offering an actual uncommon chance for a real experience, guests need to remember they are visitors and need to follow certain courtesies. The owners are working very hard to conserving all that is beautiful and special about this incredible region.

ADDRESS:  Uros Floating Island

TELEPHONE: +51950049279 / +51973228945