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Effective Ways To Create a Collaborative Work Environment

Some of the best new concepts are the product of collaboration. Discover a few effective ways to create a collaborative work environment for your team.

Collaboration is at the core of idea generation, problem solving, and overall business success. As such, it’s crucial that you as a business owner do what you can to maximise your team’s ability to work together. While this can be pursued using several different methods depending on the needs of your company, there are broader techniques that you can use to lay the groundwork. Here are a few effective ways to create a collaborative work environment and get your team working as one powerful unit.

Design Your Office with Teamwork in Mind

To get your employees working together in the most efficient manner, their physical setting must first have the proper resources to do so. Rather than keeping them isolated in separate cubicles, try using open seating arrangements instead. These pieces of furniture allow everyone to clearly see one another—therefore, encouraging them to speak up to their peers. Benching workstations, in particular, come with several additional benefits as well such as creating more floor space in the office and even saving you money.

Establish Clear Goals for the Team

It also helps to give your team a set of straightforward goals to meet. This will provide each individual, and the whole group, with clear benchmarks to work towards at any given time. Having this in mind will ensure that they always know what they should be doing as well as provide them with the incentive to accomplish these tasks together.

Recognise Collaborative Behaviour

Another noteworthy way to create a collaborative work environment for your team is by recognising, and even rewarding, their collaborative efforts. Just like employees want to be praised for their individual achievements, they also seek to be noticed for their collaboration efforts. Doing so, in the form of verbal praise or even small awards, can go a long way in motivating them to continue.

Promote an Open and Transparent Culture

Additionally, make sure you’re creating a company culture where everyone feels safe to speak their mind. When individuals feel like their point of view isn’t accepted, they’re much less likely to voice ideas or even give their share of input. So, devoting some time to establish that culture and promote mutual feelings of trust between your team members is the best way to ensure everyone is contributing to the conversation.