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What are the best places to go on holiday as a student?

Holidays might seem like something of a distant memory right now as we work our way through a third national lockdown. But they will return (eventually) and few will need that holiday more than the long-suffering students that have been laboured with one of the worst years on record. The following holidays are not only perfect for students but are affordable too. This is when a short term loan for students can be very beneficial as it will help you get away with a few friends for company and finally get away from the UK’s cold shores and enjoy a holiday somewhere exciting.


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The classic party island is a haven for students for obvious reasons. It’s also an island, which means there are some real benefits when it comes to potential COVID transmission. It’s not all night-clubs and dawn till dusk dancing either, there are hundreds of beautiful beaches and old fashioned towns to explore too.


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Another classic student holiday destination, Amsterdam has it all – the bars, the culture, the architecture and the other things we won’t go into here. Far from the den of iniquity it’s been painted as by many, Amsterdam is a gorgeous and vibrant city teeming with culture and things to do.


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If your only ambition is to spend time with your friends, drink exorbitant amounts of cheap booze and lap up the sun then Zante is the ideal antidote to the glum realities of UK in COVID times. Greece is notoriously liberal when it comes to the student holiday partying lifestyle so you won’t find an island with more fizz in its veins than this.


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Not only is the Hungarian capital one of the cheapest vacation spots in Europe, but it’s also one of the most beautiful. From the architectural glory of the old town to the famous ruin bars that litter the streets and the world-famous Spas, Budapest is a city that can be all things to all people.


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Speaking of cities that offer more bang for your buck, you won’t find a cheaper pint anywhere else in Europe in a capital city than in the Czech Republic’s cultural zenith. Culturally rich and with some of the most exceptional views in the world, Prague is one of the most popular stag and hen party destinations for a reason!


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If you can’t go abroad this summer then Newquay is the next best thing. The Cornish fishing town is notorious for student holidayers but don’t let that put you off. It’s a vibrant and oddly quaint little town with more pubs and bars per square mile than anywhere else in the region.