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Surprising Jobs You Can Still Have While Traveling the World

Do you wish you had more time to travel? There are many travel job opportunities that allow you to explore the world while you make money. Here is a list of surprising jobs you can still have while traveling the world. 

Surprising Jobs You Can Still Have While Traveling the World

Whether you are seeking long-term traveling jobs or location-independent careers that allow you to travel to different destinations, you have several options. Browse this list to find the job that’s perfect for you.


If you think you can only be a lawyer by sitting at a desk in the same office you go to every day, we’ve got some news for you. There are actually several law careers you can look into if you want to incorporate travel into your lifestyle. For example, people interested in working as a patent attorney, international trade lawyer, or even as a corporate lawyer, can travel the world while working remotely. 

As you think about where you might want to travel, just be sure to consider the time zone differences, since you’ll likely need to be in contact with your firm and clients frequently. Additionally, be sure you are in locations where you have a reliable Internet connection. 

English Teacher

Teaching English is one of the best travel jobs you can pursue since there’s a low barrier to entry. Besides, English teachers are in demand and the salary is decent. If you know how to speak perfect English, you can teach the language in different countries and still visit various destinations.


You can teach English overseas or online through programs like Skype. However, a TEFL certification and a college degree are required to ensure you’re a decent teacher. Depending on the organization you are working for, you can choose a schedule that suits your availability.

Au Pair

Au pairing is another great travel career that will allow you to earn some money as you see the world. An au pair is an expert nanny or live-in babysitter employed by a family to perform some household chores for a weekly income or in exchange for accommodation.

This job allows you to learn a new language, stay in a foreign country, and experience different cultures while making money. The job doesn’t always pay much; however, if you are happy to travel and live in different countries, go for it. 

Affiliate Marketer

If you have some marketing or business experience, you can consider doing affiliate marketing, all from your laptop! Affiliate marketing has been growing more and more popular, and 81% of brands take advantage of this type of marketing

With affiliate marketing, you can earn money by promoting a company’s or brand’s products or services. Typically, there are several different channels you can use to pro mote them through, such as your website, social media, or email outreach. 

This type of job is great for someone who wants to move around a lot and explore several countries, since you can schedule posts and emails ahead of time (meaning that you don’t always need the best internet connection).

Hotel Inspector

Getting paid to review amenities at hotels while traveling is another dream job you can make a good living from. You may also be required to analyze different services like pool areas, food offerings, and room service. 

Depending on the company you’re evaluating, you may have to travel nationally, regionally, or locally as you perform your responsibilities.


If you desire to work as you travel, any of the above careers is perfect for you. The jobs can help you make money to cover your living costs or travel expenses.