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Escaping The Tourist Trap In Your Next Destination

We all travel to see as much of the rest of the world as we can and that can mean making sure that you hit all the hotspots that are always busier than we would like. However, it’s important to see the road less traveled, now and then, to escape the tourist trap and enjoy some little spotted spots. Here are a few ways you can make sure you do that.

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Learn a little of the obscure

While you’re likely to do plenty of research on the best things to do at any given location, make sure that you’re not just sticking to the very top results of Google while you’re looking. You’ll get plenty of great ideas there, but if you want the lesser-known spots on your itinerary, then there are resources of the more obscure tourist spots that can give you some really nifty ideas. From new places to eat to unique experiences that are all-too-often missed, they can give you some fantastic ideas on where to head.

Enjoy a deeper vacation

Want to see a part of the destination that few travelers ever get to? Then stick around for the part that they normally miss. Sustainable vacations are on the rise for a variety of reasons. First, it helps travelers feel like they’re contributing to repairing the damage that tourism can do to a destination, but it also helps you get to see a side of the community and the location that you normally wouldn’t: what it’s like when the tourists aren’t all there. Plus, if you choose your vacation provider well, you can do some genuine good, from protecting the wildlife to helping clean up some gorgeous spots.

Get around on your own

Simply put, if you rely on local tour services and the like to get around, then you’re not going to get much further than the most popular spots of the location you’re visiting. However, with the help of cheap rental cars, you can easily open up a whole host of horizons. Bear in mind, it’s important to make sure you spend some time with a map so that you’re able to better read the GPS and hit up some of those lesser-spotted spots, but having your own wheels can take you a long way, indeed.

Make your way around town

You don’t necessarily need to put together a gas budget in order to see spots that others might not. If you’re saying in a city or a popular town, then there are going to be plenty of hidden treasures that are in plain sight, waiting to be discovered. Even better, there are great walking apps that help you explore more of them with ease. They will show not only some of the spots best recommended by locals but also some of the more scenic walking routes so that you can get a better feel for the real spirit of the city or town that you’re in.

Go during the low season

Want to avoid getting caught amongst throngs of tourists, to save money, and to travel a little more at your own leisure? Then consider finding out what the low season is for your destination and book your trip then. There are some destinations in the world, especially along the equator, that don’t have as much of a low season as some others. You should also prepare for the fact that local activities might not all be open during that low season. However, if you’re there for the destination first and foremost, there’s no better time to travel.

Know what to avoid

Okay, so you might not be that excited to hear about which parts of your destination you shouldn’t visit if you want to be underwhelmed. However, if you’re liable to let it deflect your hype, it will pay to do a little research ahead of time and see, in particular, what people have to see about the more tourist trappy spots that you might visit. Pay attention to negative reviews of some of the big attractions for any destination. Bear in mind that there will be some people who just take a sour view of everything, but try to get an idea of the general trend of the criticism. If it pops up repeatedly, there’s probably some truth to it.

It can be hard to find any spots at your destination that are truly a secret to only you and the locals, but you can get away from the crowds easily with the tips above.