Interest Pieces

Bathtub revelations. My Best Bathtub Experiences.

Apparently over the years on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook I’ve taken great efforts to get pictures of myself in bathtubs. The idea of taking a bath to me is greatly indulgent, it’s a ceremony which requires more time than a shower and involves soaking the muscles and perhaps reading a book, and occassionally drinking some rum from a bottle. Thanks to a recent poll on Twitter, my readers have asked for a list of my best bathtub experiences… this is field journalism at its finest and not just an excuse to show off. Here’s me in a couple of tubs.

#Initial Disclaimer

To start off with, I should mention that I don’t know where all of these bath pictures come from. Some of them, like this one are a bit of a mystery to me. I do think this bathtub was found in a very expensive property that was on sale in Norfolk and I just jumped into it while on a viewing and shouting, “Take a picture.”

#Arad Romania

Arad, Romania. While Airbnb hopping through Europe from 2017- 2020, I did have the chance to enjoy a number of bathtubs. Arad Romania is a part of the country which is not overly known for its vast tourism trade. It is certainly an engaging city but when I was travelling there on a 48 hour bus ride from Spain, the driver did ask several times if I knew where I was going and, when I confirmed, asked why.


#Malta. Sliema.

Technically not a bath. But this does prove my dedication to the cause. As a committed bather I saw a rock pool that looked like a bath and jumped into it. This was January 2020, a time in Malta which is not actually well known for being particularly warm. It was a surprise. Incidentally, in Malta I can wholeheartedly recommend AX Hotel if you’re looking for that James Bond feel.

#Chilterns View. UK. Bathtub in a safari tent.

Chilterns View is a marvel of a glamping site. Located on a farm I was able to visit them in 2018 for some well deserved R&R and got the chance to enjoy their new safari tent lodge. Now, for ambience, comfort and the unique indulgence of lying in a deep Victorian bathtub in a tent- then you gotta try this. Full review on Chilterns can be found on our website.

#Norwich. Donnie’s Pad.

Apparently I also thought that my bathtub considerations would be better spent in a shirt and tie with a good book. I believe that black and white photographs can make almost anything seem classy as well.

#Some miscalculations

Once or twice I have miscalculated the size of a bath while booking an Airbnb. If you have a thing for tiny little bathtubs you should definitely visit Denia Spain. This tub isn’t going to be small for everyone, I am six foot six so that was a problem.


Even I don’t know what I was doing in this picture.

Honestly, I have no clue what I’m doing in tis photograph. Guitar, my trusty cowboy hat, a hammer and a bottle of Captain Morgans? Also, why am I wearing those shorts and why on earth am I concerned about the time?

#Manna Bay. South Africa. Cape Town.

Ah, Manna Bay. Cape Town. I loved this place. Genuinely loved loved loved it. Big bathtubs, big beds, loads of room. Great food. Great atmosphere. Amazing scenery. I spent far too much time in that tub.