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Top Travel Bloggers Share Their Advice For Safe Vacationing In A Pandemic-Ridden World

The pandemic is changing our lives. Governments have chosen safety over liberty, and that means massive upheaval, both socially and economically. When the shutdowns first hit, most of the population had no choice but to stay in their homes and ride out the situation. 

The world is opening up slightly, but there are still issues for anyone who wants to travel. Hopping on a plane and flying to a destination isn’t as straightforward as it was. Cancellations are a major concern, but so too is the prospect of getting sick. 

Therefore, in this post, we take a look at what some top travel bloggers have had to say about safe vacationing overseas. Check out some of their ideas below: 

Spend Your Holiday Outdoors

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Public health officials believe that the risk of viral transmission is lowest when people are outdoors. It’s more difficult for coronavirus to circulate in the open air under the sun’s glare than it is indoors. 

For that reason, many top travel bloggers are now suggesting that people avoid indoor holidays or city breaks and focus their holidays around outdoor pursuits instead. Being in the open air is healthy, and it lets you avoid crowded, high-risk situations you might find in the cities. 

Look For COVID-19 Safe Hotels

A lot of hotels are now adapting their accommodation to make it “COVID-19 safe.” Some of the top destinations in Ecuador, for instance, are changing the way they provide dinners and keeping guests separate. 

If you’re worried about catching or spreading the coronavirus on holiday, look at hotels offering transmission abatement services. Many of these schemes are highly effective. And some hotels are reporting that they’ve seen no cases of the virus, even though the pandemic has been rumbling on for many months now. 

Choose Short Getaways Instead Of Long Ones

Travel bloggers are also suggesting that people choose shorter breaks instead of longer ones. There are several practical reasons for this. 

  1. Test your comfort levels. Traveling during a pandemic can be an unnerving experience. You don’t want to get sick and find yourself thousands of miles from home at the same time. But that’s a risk in the era of coronavirus. Remember, COVID-19 takes about a week before it starts producing symptoms. Thus, taking shorter breaks allows you to minimize the chances you’ll be stranded and sick at the same time. If you do get ill, you’ll probably be at home by the time it happens. 
  2. Lower your risk. The pandemic is also making traveling more challenging. Even if you get a full refund, you still usually have to book time off work, which could mean lost earnings. 
  3. Make holidays more snackable. Rolling shutdowns mean that you’re not always able to enjoy a destination to its full potential, even if there are no travel restrictions. Closed businesses mean that traveling today is not as complete an experience as it was in, say, 2019. 

Choose A Car Rental

Finally, try to avoid public transport. Rent a car at your target destination and use that to get around.