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Where is the hospitality industry headed in 2021? NOMM Ceo discusses.

Technology trends are on the rise, with features such as remote ordering, interactive menus and in-app payments set to revolutionise the industry

2020 has been a year full of uncertainty for the UK, with Coronavirus-induced lockdowns causing drastic fluctuations in consumer behaviour as well as the need to implement solutions that allow almost every industry to evolve to the current climate. The need for technology has undoubtedly become clearer throughout this time, with the increasing prevalence of online zoom calls, online deliveries and in-app payments.

With the hospitality sector suffering in particular, there is a need for a much stronger technological presence to adapt to a future designed by Coronavirus. The NOMM app features a range of AI-backed features, which dramatically enhances the customer experience and ushers in a new age of hospitality.

Will Broome, Founder and CEO of NOMM, commenting on the evolution of technology in the hospitality arena, and the different trends we can expect to see in a future designed by Coronavirus, says, “It cannot be denied that Covid has had adverse impacts on the hospitality sector, completely transforming the customer experience. As we move into this new era, it cannot be denied that technology is absolutely paramount to help us adapt, and it is important that we are able to confidently rise to the challenge.”

Here are some of NOMM’s features that we expect to revolutionise the hospitality sector in 2021:

Map search & Delivery

NOMM allows customers to choose their hospitality venue of choice and also allows them to book a table. This entire process can be conducted via the NOMM app, which also allows for takeaway options to be arranged and then picked up at their preferred collection point.

Search, browse and order from the menu

Customers can then search and browse for their favourite dishes and drinks through an interactive menu which has been linked with the POS. Any additional items can simply be ordered from the app, which notifies the venue of your order. As a result, there is no manual input required, eradicating the need for people to wait at the bar or till, reducing their waiting time. This process also enables members of staff to enhance their customer service experience.

Totally Till-less

Customers can order products from the menu and then make payments in-app, completely bypassing any queues and remaining contact-free.

Facial recognition and age verification

The app can now approve the customer for products which would typically require an age check with no need for assistance by members of staff (subject to the customer having uploaded a valid form of ID), again helping customers to remain contact-free. The receipts are also available to be managed, enabling customers to keep on top of their transactions.

Dietary and allergen information made easy

Customers are able to access dietary and allergen information for every product and can order according to dietary or allergen requirements, reducing the need to approach members of staff, and helping to stay contact-free.

“These trends are bound to become more prevalent moving forwards, as it cannot be denied that the implementation of technology holds the key to building a future of hospitality that supports our new habits whilst also helping venues to safeguard themselves against future cases of irregular consumer behaviour. Technology offers an all-encompassing solution; in NOMM’s case in the form of a simple app; which can put consumers in control, doing away with the need for time-consuming queues and wait times, enabling staff members to enhance their customer service, taking the hospitality experience to new heights.,” Will concludes.