Must have Glamping Goodies

This year, we’ve all readjusted our expectations for what we do on ordinary days and for special occasions such as vacation. We’re not able to hop on an airplane and go somewhere that’s on our bucket dream list, spending days on end in luxury in the Italian countryside, for example. But one thing we can do? Get back to nature without sacrificing comfort and pleasure. We can do that by enjoying one of the many glamping opportunities available in the country.

Glamping is like camping but with things like mattresses instead of sleeping bags. It’s particularly appealing to people who aren’t interested in sacrificing things like plumbing but also want to sit outside in a park and stare at the stars. Glamping gives them that chance. So what do different glamping set ups look like and what should you know before booking one? This graphic explains what you can take advantage of.


Must-Have Accessories for Glamping in Style

Infographic by Say Insurance