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Adventure Awaits: A Different Type of Holiday Following the Pandemic

Holidays are one of the biggest motivators to keep Brits moving through their busy work schedules. We’re all waiting for the day we can step into the airport (several hours before the flight) and jet off to a sunny location where we can sit back, relax, and enjoy the simple things in life. 

But the coronavirus pandemic has put a hold on those plans, making the memories of Summer ’19 was all the more nostalgic. After a year of social distancing, furlough, working from home, and cancelled plans, we’re waiting patiently for new experiences in the next year, hoping that the virus will be kept at bay.

But with the repetitiveness of everyday life since the pandemic began, the public are looking for something a little different to their usual sun-washed holidays. Here, we look at how holidays have changed in 2020. We look at the regions looking for adventure and what adventure holidays wait for those planning on setting off for some adrenaline activities.

Holiday decline

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a serious decline in international travel, with figures indicating that 1.1 billion fewer people will be taking trips globally in 2020. The World Tourism Organisation has predicted a sharp decline of up to 80 per cent for international arrivals.

While there was initial optimism that the decline would be less severe due to a gradual reopening of travel corridors across the world, the realisation that the UK is entering a second peak of the virus has made this prospect less likely. The number of countries where you are exempt from isolating for two weeks after visiting is decreasing. There are currently only 16 European countries that are “currently exempt from advice against ‘all but essential’ international travel”.

While there is currently no end in sight for travel restrictions to be lifted entirely, the best advice is to continue checking for official government guidance. With many adventure hotspots within the reach of Europe, there is confidence for a return to international travel within the continent, should the second wave of the virus be effectively controlled.

Regions of adventure

With Brits eager to return to and enjoy holiday experiences, research indicates that certain regions within the UK are more likely to seek out adventurous holidays. A survey by audience building platform GWI researched lifestyle indicators in 2020 to uncover the hobbies and interests of UK residents.

When questioned on their interests, Londoners were 24.4 per cent more likely to be interested in adventure and extreme sports than the average person. This was followed by people in the south west and West Midlands who were more likely to enjoy adventure sport than the average Brit by 9.5 and 8.3 per cent respectively.

Equally, when asked to describe themselves, residents of London were also more likely to think of themselves as adventurous—18.6 per cent more likely than any other region. As thrill seekers go, Northern Ireland perceived themselves as the least adventurous. In fact, Northern Irish residents were 11.5 per cent less likely to describe themselves as adventurous when compared to the rest of the UK.

It’s interesting that a region like London is most interested in extreme sports and are more likely to describe themselves as adventurous, considering the region’s status as a metropolitan area. This emphasises the need for escape. When looking towards holiday and vacation in the next year, after a year of grounded realities, we should all strive to do something different—something extreme and adventurous. Luckily for Brits, there are so many options to generate some adrenaline while on holiday.

Opportunity awaits

For Brits seeking an adventurous opportunity, there are many activities that can satisfy the needs of even the biggest adrenaline junkie. While the British public is renowned for sun-seeking behaviours, there are a variety of thrilling breaks that are a little different to the beach-bathing expectations of the average holidaymaker.

Sloping stays

The whole planet has experienced the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic, and when it’s over, getting as far away from the grounded reality of life will be essential. What better way to do that than by venturing upwards to the heights of the Alps for a skiing adventure?

Isolated in the peaks of Austria, ski instructor courses give you the best of both worlds. While experiencing the adrenaline of the steep slopes and fast bends, you can exercise your brain with the essential skills and tips that curate the perfect skier. This break is not all relaxation though, the training is a professional course, and great for young professionals who are looking for a career change or for sporting enthusiastic who want to get a step closer to their dream job. 

You can still get that tan we’ve all been missing in 2020, you’ll be closer to the sun after all—though you may have some goggle tan lines.

Cycling staycations

You don’t even have to venture far to find a little adventure. While we wait for international borders to reopen without restrictions, a staycation may be on the cards. While Northerners were less likely to be interested in adventurous activities than the average Brit, you may find that there are some amazing adventures to be found in the North of England.

For those who have fallen in love with cycling—like the 1.3 million Brits who bought a bike over lockdown—venturing to the Lake District may be the best getaway in the meantime. The Windemere peaks are a little different to the Alps, but still adventurous. Lowther Castle has a particularly good cycling trail for visitors. 

With the world on hold as we wait for the coronavirus pandemic to be over, anticipating our next holiday has become a national pastime. But while we have become accustomed to the routines of guidelines and regulation to keep everyone safe, the need to do something a bit different has never been greater! Whether you choose to venture abroad to slide down alpine slopes or prefer to stay in the UK, adventure is waiting. After a year of experiencing British weather, getting away is essential.