Masters of their trade, whether on land or in the ocean, Indigo Safaris offer tailor made wildlife tours, beach breaks and diving holidays to suit groups and individuals. And, even with one of the most diverse portfolios of places to see, stay and visit, it is the passion for what they do, their intimate, in-depth local knowledge and their deep love of sharing it with their clients that makes them stand out in this highly competitive market.



The trips last generally between 3 days and 3 weeks depending on the client’s needs and availability. Almost every lodge, hotel, camp, or dive resort that they send their clients to has been seen by at least one member of the Indigo Safaris team.

In fact, founder Christopher Bartlett spends around 8 months of the year on the road, visiting current suppliers, meeting potential new ones, and escorting unique trips. As a qualified guide, he looks for an optimum wildlife experience, and as a parent he looks at suitability for families. Meanwhile his partner Ines looks at lodges with a keen eye for aesthetics and hospitality, and together they ensure the trips created are tried and tested with first-hand experience.

Indigo Safaris Founder: Christopher Bartlett

This sort of first-hand experience lends an authenticity that clients have come to trust. Indigo Safaris often use lesser-known lodges and camps that don’t have the marketing reach of the big-name players but who provide excellent value for money from entry to deluxe level.


The trips and tours are constantly updated to keep them as engaging and rewarding as possible. While the Indigo Safaris team may be small, their reach is very impressive, and clients are sure to enjoy the most enviable experiences. These include things like diving with whales and snorkelling with whale sharks and other beautiful beasties from the deep.

Credit: Christopher Bartlett KZN. South Africa.

The escorted dive trips generally require Advanced Open Water or above, while FIT tours can be for any level, even beginners, as long as it is appropriate for the destination. The tours generally last around an hour.

On land, Africa can be explored in many different ways and there are loads of different safari types to suit. Depending on experience and taste, the range of options include bespoke private safaris, on land or in the air, self-drive adventures, scheduled tours and private group expeditions.

“We have recently put together a page compiling all the best early bird and “pay/stay” offers we like for African safaris and beach breaks,” Christopher reveals, “And we are in the process of adding Maldives resorts for beach breaks to our website.”

Turning a client’s dream into a reality is a step-by-step process that the Indigo Safaris team have perfected over time. Firstly, they do their research and find out exactly what a client is looking for. This includes identifying their expectations, previous safari experience and of course their budget.

Credit: Christopher Bartlett

They then put together a draft itinerary in an interactive digital format based on live availability for their intended travel dates. This allows each client to get a better understanding of what their safari will look like, the time it will take and what sort of things they can expect.

The team then refines and adjusts the itinerary based on client feedback until what they have is the perfect bespoke safari adventure.


Tourism isn’t just about having a good time in someone else’s country. It is about learning, fostering understanding, concern, and compassion. Indigo Safaris believes it is their responsibility to do what they can about preserving and safe keeping the environment of the locations they visit.

“We choose suppliers and service providers that act responsibly, with the best interests of the local people and wildlife at heart,” Christopher says, “These suppliers are meticulously selected as we need to be sure that they will do the best job of providing an insight into not only the beauty of where our clients are on holiday, but the threats and dangers facing these places.”

A number of important causes, charities and organisations receive financial support from the company, with 30% of the net profits given back. Involved in a variety of endeavours these include providing meals for children in South Africa through the Peninsula School Feeding Association, sheltering those made homeless due to natural disasters through Shelterbox, supporting the Maa Trust in the Masai Mara region and assisting research and conservation of marine and terrestrial species. Check out their “Giving Back” page for a full list.



*The Lost Executive cannot be held responsible for any experiences had with Indigo Safaris. No matter how amazing they may be.