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Haunted Holiday Hotspots: 8 Ghostly Spots for a Spooky Staycation 

The creepiest (and coziest) places to spend a spooky Halloween getaway in the UK.

With Halloween just around the corner, we decided to uncover the most spine-tingling staycations across the UK. From haunted hotels in Durham, to sinister castles in the countryside, these are some seriously spooky places to visit in the UK. Read on… if you dare. 

So if you’re a fan of the things that go bump in the night, there’s nowhere better to stay on your travels than one of LuggageHero’s top 8 haunted staycations picks, but please check the rules and regulations in your area and the area you’re planning to travel to, before you set off*.

The Manor House Hotel, Durham

What better way to celebrate the somewhat eerie, nostalgic-inducing Halloween season than by checking into one of the most haunted hotels in the UK? The Manor House Hotel located in Durham is one the UK’s most ghost infested staycation spots. Room 8 is supposedly the spookiest room in the building, rumour has it you can hear the screams from a young boy. 

Built in the 16th century and featured on the hit television programme Britain’s Most Haunted, The Manor House promises thrillseekers a whole series of unimaginable horror taking place within its walls. Do you dare to spend a night in the haunted Manor House? Check out the availability here

The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston, Great Dunmow 

Horrors lurk in the hallway at The Haunted Bedroom at Tallison – a family home transformed into a spooktacular fantasy. This property features 13 secret ‘worlds’, from a voodoo kitchen and a lighthouse-themed loo to the haunted bed chamber of an Edwardian child who mysteriously died. 

During your stay you’re expected to encounter ‘unexpected smells and sounds’ according to the property listing, but that hasn’t put off past guests with a huge rating of 4.98 out of 5. Ready to see what’s lurking behind the arched oak door? Check out the availability here

The Maids Head Hotel, Norwich 

With records dating back to the 13th century, The Maids Head Hotel is the oldest continuously operating hotel in the UK. With over eight centuries of history behind it, it’s only fitting that this timeless hotel be home to two spine-chilling ghosts. And due to this, the hotel has become a popular hot-spot for paranormal enthusiasts looking to have an encounter with the other side. 

Previous guests have reported the paranormal activity of an elderly maid moving around the halls and corridors of the hotel. While others have encountered a grumpy old man, mulbing as he walks through the courtyard. Can you handle the spooky activity of The Maids Head Hotel? Check out the availability here.  

Ye Olde Kings Head, Chester 

If you don’t mind sharing a room with a restless poltergeist, Ye Olde Kings Head is where unexplained phenomena goes hand in hand with exceptional amenities. Chester has its fair share of haunted attractions, and this spooky hotel is no different. While filming Most Haunted, visitors heard an unexplainable knocking noises throughout the process. Hotel guests have also reported some paranormal activity, one saying “. Experienced a lot of paranormal activity eg footsteps, loud knocks and floorboard creaking”. Want to add a bit of unpredictability to your travels? Check out the availability here

The Langham Hotel, London 

Fancy yourself a ghost hunter? Head to the most famously haunted hotel in London, The Langham Hotel. Room 333 is reportedly the most haunted room in the hotel, where guests will expect five ghostly visits. From a ghost who likes to toss guests out of their bed to a stocky man in a military jacket roaming the halls. 

Members of the British National Cricket Team fled the hotel after experiencing paranormal sightings. During your visit, beware of the lurking ghosts who often lower the temperature of the rooms they end up in. Check out the availability here

Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh

You might want to sleep with one eye open at the Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh. Dating back to the 13th century, this castle has seen many people passing through its doors. And it’s alleged to be haunted by a number of ghosts, most notably that of Sir Alexander Ramsay. In 1342 Alexander was starved to death in the Dalhousie Castle by Willlam Douglas, and ever since he’s been seen roaming the halls and grounds. 

Another paranormal visitor is Lady Catherine, known as the ‘Grey Lady’, often spotted in the dungeons of the castle. If this hasn’t put you off a spooky stay, check out the availability here.

The Skirrid Inn, Wales 

Dating back 900 years, The Skirrid Inn is notorious for haunting and given its bloody history it’s easy to understand why. Legend has it that Owain Glyndŵr used it as a base for the Welsh Revolt against Henry IV of England. The inn has seen countless brutal deaths, including the prisoners who died in their cells. 

Guests at the Skirrid Inn have experienced serious paranormal activities, from glasses flying without being touched to the sound of soldiers in the courtyard. One guest even reported a feeling of being strangled…are you ready for the fright of your life? Check out the availability here.

Hazlewood Castle, Tadcaster

Built in the late 13th century, Hazlewood Castle which is located in the Yorkshire countryside is steeped in English history. Throughout the many years the Castle has been used for different purposes, in 1536 many priests and monks sought refuge on the grounds and in 1971 the Castle became a maternity ward. 

Ghostly features and sounds are often reported in the Hazlewood Castle, including the sight of a priest and Monk. One housekeeper, while making the bed, believed she was having a conversation with a guest in the bathroom, but to her surprise there was no one there. But if you don’t scare easily, check out the availability here.

*Please ensure you check local rules and regulations before you travel – more information on this can be found here:   

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