The Logbook

The Logbook. September Issue.

Countries are opening for travel and hospitality. Industry clusters like glamping, safari and boutique accommodations are making their way back to a standard of “new normal”. Hotels and hostels are slowly opening up and for the most part, the professionals in the industry are on board.


Hindsight is 2020, and when we’re looking back at how different countries handled the CoronaVirus outbreak we’ll surely have much to discuss. However, while you’re fighting in the trenches you’re not in a position to see the entire battlefield. Tactical value is only revealed when the battle is over and actions are reviewed.

So, if you’re not a professional in the front lines, receiving daily updates, or a medical/scientific professional involved in fighting the virus then I would suggest you spend some time analysing all of the available facts and figures about this virus before you start spouting out your opinions about what “should be done.” But this just my opinion.

One thing that has been proved without doubt is that the majority of people are happy to do their bit to fight this virus. The extent of which, for us off the frontlines, involves wearing masks, not touching, washing hands and generally just being polite and conscientious. The remaining few, who think that their civil liberties, freedoms and “rights” are worth endangering the lives of other people; who think that “oh I can’t be bothered” is a big enough reason to not wear a mask… well. You’ll probably be remembered too.


There is no denying that we are not out of this yet. Whether it’s a second Lockdown we’re facing, or economic crashes, there is going to be a great deal of pain and struggle ahead. This is the biggest fight our generation has had to face… if ever there was a time to be a hero, this is it.

How to be a hero?

On this occasion, the best thing you can do, follow the guidelines, be kind and support the important causes close to your heart. This is the time where we have to help each other however we can.