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4 Team Building Ideas For Your Next Business Trip

Business trips can be very stressful, especially if you are taking the whole team along with you. Even though your main priority is business, it’s important that you give everybody time to relax and unwind as well. In fact, business trips are a great opportunity for team bonding activities, so everybody can blow off some steam and improve team morale. If you are planning a business trip with your team in the near future, these are some of the best team bonding ideas to consider.

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Go Glamping

Most people stay in hotels when they’re on a business trip, but there’s something quite impersonal about a hotel, especially ones that are filled with business travelers. There’s no atmosphere and it’s not a very enjoyable experience, it’s just a functional space to sleep and work. So why not go for a more interesting option, like glamping? Glamping is very popular right now so, wherever you are going, you should be able to find a site nearby. Obviously, during the business portion of the trip, you will need a space to work and glamping isn’t ideal for that. However, you should plan an extra night or two at a glamping site at the end of the trip so you can all discuss the outcome of the trip and relax for a day or two before heading back.

Take A Boat Trip

Boat trips are a great fun activity for the whole team, and getting out on the open water is a brilliant way to relax after a stressful day of business meetings. You could take a normal boat tour or, if you want to do something extra fun, hire a party boat instead (visit for more information). A boat trip is a good way to see a new place from a different perspective, and it’s a brilliant bonding experience for your team as well.

Go Hiking

If you are visiting a destination with lots of hiking trails, you should get the team together and go walking. A team hike makes the perfect bonding opportunity because you are all accomplishing a goal together. Everybody on the team needs to motivate and support one another the whole way, so it’s ideal for building those strong relationships between team members. Studies show that being outside in nature is a very effective way of relieving stress as well, so it’s the perfect activity after a long week of work.

Do A Scavenger Hunt

If you are in a brand new city that none of you have explored before, a scavenger hunt is the perfect team building event. The items on the scavenger hunt can be landmarks and buildings, so you get to know the city as you complete the different challenges. By teaming up employees that don’t normally work together, you can strengthen relationships within your team. If you don’t know where to start with a scavenger hunt, check out for some great tips.

Rewarding the winning team with customized award ribbons will further motivate and encourage friendly competition. It also shows recognition for their hard work and collaboration, boosting morale and promoting a positive work culture. Ribbon awards can be a creative and inexpensive way to foster teamwork and create memorable experiences for your team.

When you are planning your next team business trip, make sure that you don’t forget the importance of team building activities.