East Africa Safaris

Benroso Safaris Ltd.  Making The Best Use of Twenty Five Years of Safari Experience.

If going on safari is on your bucket list, then you must consider East Africa. This spectacular region of the continent holds the most diverse landscapes including endless savannahs, incredible mountains and craters, some of the world’s most impressive lakes and a bounty of culture and history. Be warned though, there is a tidal wave of experience to be had and sometimes visitors can feel swept away by it all.


So, to help first time visitors as well as to further engage regular adventurers Benroso Safaris Ltd has provided bespoke and tailor crafted trips since the turn of the century.  Benjamin Waiganjo set up his business in 2000 and has been running it since.

Having worked as a tour guide since 1995, Ben’s twenty five years of experience in this field has made him one of the most fluent in the region. Knowing where to go and what to expect allows him to ensure that a guest’s experience is rewarding and completely memorable.

“This has always been the main aim of the company,” Ben says, “To make Kenya and East Africa a memorable tourist destination of choice.”


With a team of six  locally recruited and trained staff, Benroso Safaris offer a range of tours dependent on the budget and desires of the client. On average each tour lasts between one and twelve days. Not only catering for the super-rich, Ben has always seen his business as the perfect balance between quality and budget offering personalized safaris at a competitive price. An opportunity to explore what makes this region of Africa so great via their 4×4 vans and safari Landcruiser.

The tours are also updated throughout the year as Ben knows that nothing remains the same in the savannah for long. The herds move with the weather and the predators move with them so with each new tour comes the opportunity to update their approach. This helps keep things as fresh as possible for the guides and the guests.


As for many visitors this may be their first time visiting the country, Benroso Safaris also offer a full service in preparing the relevant travel documentation to ensure a smooth transition for their clients.


Depending on what the client wants and can afford, the available accommodation ranges from tented camping to luxury hotels. During the design phase of the tour Ben’s team make sure that the important questions, such as what sort of sleeping experience is wanted, are asked and answered.

“Making sure that these questions are covered allows us to build a good rapport with the clients and our partners in the industry,” explains Ben, “Also following up afterwards with our clients to find out what they enjoyed and what areas we can improve on. There is no such thing as too much information in this business.”


Ben admits that like any business Benroso Safaris Ltd has had to manage the impact of the Covid 19 virus. They have been suggesting to their clients to postpone their travel while maintaining the booking. The reason behind this is twofold, firstly as the trip is booked their space is secured and secondly, once the travel bans are lifted such bookings are going to fill up very fast.

“It is a challenging time because nobody knows when things will return to normal,” he says, “However, all travellers need to remember that when things do open up again, the savannahs and safaris are going to be wilder and more splendid than ever!”


Additionally, having listened closely to their clients and the ever moving trends of the industry, Benroso Safaris will be adding several new kinds of trips to their existing cache. These include sporting focussed tours, geological tours and agricultural tours.

“As always, our aim is to give the client the best experience possible,” Ben says, “And our home has a lot to offer.”

PRICE. US$ 350-2100


TELEPHONE NUMBER: +254 720092309/+254 731201500

EMAIL: info@benrososafaris.co.ke

WEBSITE: www.benrososafaris.co.ke