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Ten years old this year, Crown and Canopy has been a one-stop shop for glamping newbies and established sites alike. Founded by Edward Busby and Bill and Rebecca Goddard, all who have managed and run their own glamping sites in the past, they offer an inside perspective to the industry. Additionally, making sure that as consultants they practise what they preach, they are working on their own developments alongside those of their clients. Well respected names in the industry this trio will also be exhibiting at the annual Glamping Show this year.

2020 has proved to be an interesting year so far, but as Edward Busby explains, the upsets of this year have allowed them to put plans into motion that will make 2021 spectacular. With more to be revealed closer to the time, this is an example of how, irrespective of what is taking place today, you still have to have a direction on where you want to be tomorrow.


Edward says that while Lockdown has been an incredible stress test for all businesses in the sector, there has been plenty to learn from this moving forward.

“I think the hospitality sector in particular will need to become more dynamic in its ideas and offerings,” he says, “Innovation is the only reaction that will ensure survival in times like this.”

Of course, the glamping, and staycation industry were already benefitting from emerging trends. These include things like convenience travel, a growing consciousness around flying, the Brexit Effect, and now what is being labelled the Corona Effect. Uncertainty about international travel always benefits staycations and local exploration.

This has created a great situation for the glamping industry that has been continuously growing over the years. UK is one of the main glamping countries in the world providing a great opportunity to people to travel locally. The glamping industry has the opportunity to offer this level of accommodation and experience in isolation and in the great outdoors setting it apart from hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, pubs and most other hospitality businesses in the UK.


Crown and Canopy spent Lockdown pushing through planning applications on behalf of their clients to make sure things were ready to launch in 2021. Mostly, these have been treehouse and cabin projects spread over The Marches Counties, North Wales Coast, North West Scotland, The Lake District, Yorkshire and many more.

In addition to this, there has been a more global interest in their consultancy and planning services for some large outdoor hotel projects in the middle east and Europe and they expect to work on more developments overseas like these as time goes on. The sector is set to expand further due to the growing interest from various sister industries wanting to take advantage of this new appetite for outdoor-based accommodation.

Edward also reveals that in the past few months they have been in discussions with a new consultancy firm starting up in Portugal and one which Crown and Canopy will be partnering with to take on larger European projects along with the opportunity to tackle larger developments further afield.

Things didn’t slow down during Lockdown, if anything Crown and Canopy’s workload increased, and the demand sped up. While this may seem to fly in the face of what was a trend for major hospitality businesses to simply shut down their operations, it was actually quite prolific in glamping where many sites saw this period as an opportunity to refurbish and put their plans into action. The consultancy side of Crown and Canopy as well as their work in architectural and interior design has been very busy and this is a strong reflection of glamping which- post Lockdown has seen sites booked out for the remainder of the year going well into 2021.

“Unlike many hospitality types, like hotels for example, glamping is based around isolation, privacy and space,” Edward reveals, “Making it ideal for people seeking a holiday and comfort that still follows all the established guidance and rules.”


Well regarded publishers in the field of glamping (see last feature), Crown and Canopy have been commissioned to write a new outdoor accommodation development guide for the National Forest. This is a great opportunity to shape and inform the design of luxury outdoor accommodation across the region ensuring it is done in a sensitive, low impact manor that is in keeping with the forest brand and aesthetics.

Finally, they are slightly behind schedule but will be launching the 3rd edition of The Essential Glamping Business Manual in September this year. This book is packed with all a glamping entrepreneur needs to know when setting up a glamping business.


Crown and Canopy attend the Glamping Show every year.  The show is great for meeting new clients and more importantly, networking. Edward explains that it has always been rewarding and they have made and met some great contacts and working partners at this show over the years.

“These relationships have enabled Crown and Canopy to continue to grow and expand,” he says, “And the show is also great for opening communication lines between potential partnerships.”

*As seen in The Logbook. The Lost Executive cannot be held accountable for any results had by making use of the services and skills of this business. Even if they involve massive satisfaction and success.

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