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By Mexico. Beautifully crafted, original keepsakes and travel-treasures.

Inspired by a passion for travel and collecting mementos from various countries, Regina and Santiago Lichi founded By Mexico in 2017.  After seeing what was on offer in other countries, they saw a niche opportunity for high quality keep-sakes and memorabilia that travellers to Mexico would cherish.

With Regina’s background in marketing, advertising and promotion and Santiago’s experience as a business administrator this husband and wife team were set to redefine how tourists and travellers to Mexico remember their trips and define their adventures.


Being that Mexico possesses a wide ranging and diverse history, bolstered by a rich culture and heritage, both Regina and Santiago were surprised at how the quality of souvenirs in other countries was so much higher than what existed here. Travellers to a country remember their adventures by the trinkets and small treasures that they take back to their homes after their trips. With this in mind, the depth and flavor of Mexico was not being properly taken advantage of with quality and avant-garde products that matched the demands of a generation that appreciates quality and seeks sustainability, design and functionality.

By Mexico was a natural and beneficial answer to this.


Thanks to a very receptive audience and customer base from the beginning from both the national market and abroad their brand has been continuously growing. They currently employ a team of 12 people and are looking to continue to grow into the new year.


With a strong online presence that makes full use of Amazon MX and Amazon USA, By Mexico also enjoys two hundred points of sale in Mexico as well as some small distributors abroad. Products range from 40 pesos to 480 pesos and in August and September 2020 they are opening their own stores beginning in Tulum.

At least half of the products are created in Mexico, with some item creation needing to be outsourced to maintain the highest standard and best sustainability. Preferring novel materials and printing techniques and sustainable and socially sustainable approaches that can help have a positive impact on vulnerable groups.

“This allows us to support fair trade projects,” Regina says, “As well as have an interesting story to tell about our suppliers. Customers are always interested in knowing where a product comes from because it adds to their own travel story.”


Regina and Santiago believe that the best way to grow is by creating strategic commercial alliances where open communication is valued. This has worked very well with their suppliers who have become a fundamental part of their project and growth. To maintain integrity and customer relationships, they monitor comments on social media very closely and keep receptive to the feedback.

“Only by listening to customers can you improve your product,” she says, “Social media is very useful for this because it gives a quick and easy place for us to get feedback and highlight areas where we can develop and grow.”


Regina explains that by 2021 they are planning to launch the Axolotl line, an endemic salamander species in Mexico City also known as the “walking fish” that is in danger of extinction. This line aims to help raise awareness of this animal which is not only native to Mexico but also one of the cutest of its genus.




Address: Providencia 1248-A, CDMX, México

Telephone Number: 5554352825