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The Best Tips For Your Trip To New York

Visiting New York is on many people’s bucket lists for its exciting atmosphere and endless activities to see and do. There are many tips to make your trip more comfortable, allowing you to visit everything you want to see.

Luggage Storage

With luggage storage new york drop off stations, it would be good to use these to store your luggage in a safe place. Using these can allow you to explore the city without the burden of dragging your suitcases around. Often in tourist attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, you cannot take your luggage in, so dropping it off can allow you to roam freely. It will feel a lot nicer to have two hands-free rather than feeling tired from lugging your items from place to place.

Calling a cab

Calling a cab requires a bit of knowledge to do as it can be an agitated moment otherwise. If a taxi is available at the center number, you will notice that only the number is lit, these are the ones you are wanting. Otherwise, if the cab is occupied, then there will be no lights on. Still, if they are off duty, then the center number is lit, but also, the ‘off-duty’ lights are lit, so don’t hail these taxis as they will not pick you up.

Standing on the side of the street you want to go, step slightly into the street and stick your arm out long and strong. Making eye contact with the driver you are hailing helps you to know that they are going to stop for you. They will often accept cards and cash.

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Research the area

To avoid the overwhelming feeling of the city, it’s best to do your research. Firstly it’s a good idea to research and find the places you want to put on your New York bucket list. From there, you will need to get a feel for where it is within the city, so you know how to separate the activities in the same area each day. Booking a hotel in the middle of the events can be a massive advantage.

Walking in the city

New York is incredibly busy when walking around the city. Most people prefer to walk than getting public transport, but this makes it even busier when walking around. On the sidewalk, it is known that slow foot traffic stays to the right. It can be frustrating for people who live there when they are trying to walk, and there are significant groups of tourists taking up the path by stopping.


You can jaywalk but just be careful of respecting the right of way rules such as if you were driving. Often if there is an opening in the traffic, people usually cross. Be really cautious as lots of drivers run red lights, and the streets can be chaotic. Being prepared and vigilant will avoid frustration and ensures you are safe from cars coming from all directions.