The Logbook

The Logbook. July 2020.

Safe travel is on everyone’s mind at the moment. The industry has rallied around the importance of travelling safe in the “new normal”, with tour companies looking at ways to encourage social distancing while at the same time actively promoting the wearing of face masks and washing hands. Hospitality destinations in the meantime are establishing new levels of hygiene standards and cleanliness with rooms being equipped with the latest in PPE and cleaning products.  At the same time travellers themselves are taking the importance of being responsible to heart, taking it upon themselves to determine their own standard of self-protection.

The new norm for travel will affect the industry in many ways, many of which we have neither calculated nor guessed. But it will only strengthen it. It is down to the businesses and the travellers themselves to help guide the current situation to one where the new normal fits with our travel plans.

When faced with great adversity the greatest ideas come about and travellers are known for their ability to innovate.

What must be stressed is that as long as you travel safe, you can travel well and when the world opens up her borders again, we will be able to continue to explore and enjoy. After all, travel is in our blood.

Stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands and never stop looking to the horizon.