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Top Locations for UK Staycations.

With travel opening up before international borders, many people in the UK are looking to local destinations for their 2020 vacations. Here are some of the best spots we’ve featured over the last two years.

1. Huystyns Glamping Village.  Cornwall. UK.

Hustyns Glamping Village opened in March 2018 and was Aston Management International’s entry into the glamping industry. With another hotel in Cambridge, they purchased Hustyns Hotel & Spa in January 2018 and added the glamping pods to further expand their services to the public.

Hustyns Glamping Village. Cornwall.

2. Cornish Tipi Holidays. Cornwall. UK.

Escape to the beautiful wilderness of the North Cornish coast. A couple of miles in land from some of the UK’s most breath taking coastline you will find a campsite like no other.

At Cornish Tipi Holidays campers wake up to the sound of birdsong and go swimming before breakfast in the clear water of a secluded lake. Breakfast is cooked over your very own campfire, half the thrill is getting the fire going. Or you could just laze it away in the peace and quiet of your own personal tipi.

Cornish Tipi Holidays. Cornwall. UK.


3. Little Seed Field. Yorkshire. England.

Little Seed Field was founded in 2017 by wife and husband team Joanne and Sean Nicholson on their 4th generation working dairy farm. Seven hundred and fifty feet above sea level, south facing and overlooking the Nidderdale valley in the Yorkshire Dales, the landscape and views are simply inspirational. Hence one of the reasons Joanne and Sean jumped at the opportunity to offer accommodation that captured the backdrop of the sun setting over the raw, wild Yorkshire Dales.

Little Seed Field. Yorkshire. UK.


4. Angels Share Hotel

The Angels Share Hotel is in Edinburgh; walking distance from the castle and close to all the public transport hubs to get anywhere in the city. The lower floor features a high-windowed whiskey bar area that can create any number of spirit-based cocktails and whiskey tasting sessions are hosted there on a regular basis, thanks to the high-class aesthetic and ambience. This is somewhere you would go for a good drink, dressed in a three-piece suit, to meet interesting people from around the world.

The Angels Share in Edinburgh


5. Thompson Hall Retreat

What could be more idyllic than relaxing beneath a canopy of old trees to recharge the mental and physical faculties away from the hullabaloo of the modern world? This is what Thompson Hall Retreat is perfect for. Located in the heart of Norfolk, an East Anglian county of deep forests, peaceful valleys and farmlands, this secluded sanctuary overlooks the neighbouring arable land of the Norfolk wildlife trust where the loudest sound is the wind moving through the trees.

Thompson Hall Retreat. Norfolk Glamping.


6. Go Eco Glamping. Wales.

Oakvale is a glamping success story. Terresa Banyard and her husband Chris, set up their glamping site after suspecting they were going to be made redundant. In a very Richard Bransonesque approach, together they threw about some ideas of what to do and when glamping kept popping up as an option they just went, “Why not?”

Go Eco Glamping. When Life Hands You Lemons, Start A Glamping Site