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Discover the Most Valued and At-Risk Jobs in a Post-Pandemic World

At the start of 2020, many people believe this was going to be a great year. Many industries even had excellent forecasts on what to expect. But then COVID-19 enters the picture only to transform the world as we know it. Now, there are two situations; some companies find themselves filling for bankruptcy while others are met with the highest demand they have ever seen. If you want to step out of the pandemic with a job in the second group, you could take this time to learn a new skill that will help you enter a successful career. In this article, we list down some of the most in-demand jobs and also others that will likely cease to exist once the pandemic subsides. 

High-Demand Jobs


With the need for social distancing measures due to the pandemic, many companies realize that their services were heavily dependant on human interactions. It is known that robots are already replacing humans for some tasks, especially in the manufacturing industry. But now, the use of robots seems to be able to solve a more significant problem, which is to remove the potential for infections in day-to-day interactions. For example, robots can do simple tasks like taking orders at a restaurant or doing the dishes. Therefore, it’s safe to say that robotics skills will become a necessity for the post-pandemic world and artificial intelligence expertise along with it.

Customer Service and Support

The number of job openings in the customer service industry since the pandemic started will also be higher. These types of jobs allow for remote working and don’t require high qualifications to get into. With people trying to maintain reasonable distances, most are still not ready to receive in-person customer support. Customer service or support professionals will be able to help clients through phone calls and video calls. Plus, now that people are getting used to distance-support, many companies will keep this working model in the future. 

Supply Chain 

During the pandemic, the supply chain market did not get any less hectic because consumers have steered toward online shopping to meet their needs—from getting essentials like food and clothes to other products and services. Therefore, there was a high demand for individuals to fill in roles such as truck drivers, delivery workers, logisticians, warehouse workers, and hoist technicians, among many others. Such roles will probably continue to be sought after because it will take some time for consumers to readjust to a post-quarantine life. 

Healthcare Professionals

Let’s not forget the heroes who are getting the world through these trying times—professionals in the healthcare industry like nurses, doctors, technicians, homecare physicians, and so on. These professionals have probably worked more hours in the last few months than ever before. It is obvious that their services are needed all year round but now, even more so, seeing as COVID-19 is still haunting many nations worldwide. Thus, it is safe to say that more healthcare professionals are going to be required. If you’ve been wanting to venture into the healthcare field, this would be the best time to do so.

Jobs That Will Grow Outdated

Tourism and Hospitality 

With all the travel restrictions to try and control the virus, the tourism and hospitality industry is one of the most affected. People aren’t traveling and many companies in this sector are on the brink of bankruptcy. Workers like porters, housekeepers, executive chefs, and event planners have reported losing their jobs during the pandemic. Even if travel bans are lifted and people are allowed to resume daily activities again, companies in this sector will have to abide by social distancing measures by lessening human-to-human interactions, thus making jobs like porters absolutely obsolete.

Restaurants, Bars, and Nightclubs

Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs across the globe have been closed for a few months now. Some restaurants are starting to open again while some only provide delivery services. However, seeing as bars and nightclubs were instructed to close shutters since the pandemic started to spread, all workers in this sector like chefs, waitresses, DJs, and bartenders were the ones stuck with a sticky predicament. Their job scopes are somewhat limited so there is not really much demand for their skills in other industries. A lot of people who work for bars and nightclubs ended up facing unemployment. Even if the world recovers from COVID-19 soon, these businesses are considered non-essentials so they will probably stay closed for a while longer.


With so many uncertainties faced by many during the pandemic, childcare has fallen into the category of non-essential services. A lot of working parents were on furlough or were given the flexibility to perform their tasks remotely which means they’re always at home. Therefore, many took the opportunity to simultaneously take care of their kids and save the money they would otherwise spend on daycares or nannies. The pandemic taught us that remote working models can yield positive results so many companies will likely continue to offer this flexibility to employees who are also parents, making professions in the childcare industry highly redundant.