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Exclusive Tents: It’s in the name

With celebrities, boutique resorts and government departments as their customers and friends, Exclusive Tents International has become one of the leading suppliers for safari-style tents, and one of the most trusted suppliers worldwide

The family-run business has reached this level by the simplest approach, which we can be broken down in three points: style, quality and authenticity.

Prior to founding Exclusive Tents, Paul Zway worked for 17 years as a game ranger at Kruger National Park in his native South Africa.

Taking inspiration from this period of his life, Exclusive Tents products are aesthetically bias towards the African safari style of light khaki canvas stretched over an external frame.

“We not only manufacture and sell tents but also offer partial or full turnkey solutions,” Paul said, while adding: “If requested, we go out to set up tents for our clients, even if they are small projects.”

The luxurious tents are particularly popular with the sorts of industries that require the highest and most exclusive standards. This is why they count some of the biggest glamping sites and safari operators as their regular customers.

Exclusive Tents are one of the vendors and partners of the Global Glamping Summit, and according to Paul, in recent times glamping has blossomed up all over the world.

For Paul, quality accounts for more than just the quality of the tents and extends further to the customer service, relationship retention and the extended longevity of the tents.

“We are proud that this is a family-run operation on both the sales and manufacturing sides,” he told SCRUM.

“We are not a typical corporation and we are all pretty laid back but have a passion for our work, which is in itself an adventure.”

The team behind Exclusive Tents are always looking for ways to improve their offering. Their first-class relationship with suppliers is such that they are always updated on innovations and new products ahead of time.

“There is no future-proofing better than to remain ahead and be constantly vigilant for improvements in safety and materials and to diversify tent designs to meet the growing need for uniqueness.

“Our main effort is to always be ahead in the industry by improving our product and making it even safer to use without compromising on design, structure and style. “This is how we bring the best quality to the market with the most affordable price.” Paul’s wife Angelika and his three sons, Zane, Anders and Brian, are all part of the daily operations.

“We all do sales and share work with each other when necessary but together with Johan and Louwrie, who focus on the manufacturing side of the business.

This family-based approach to the business is important to Paul – as is the long-lasting relationships they have built up with customers all across the world.

For instance, when one of their customers, the 4-Rivers Floating Lodge in Cambodia, was devastated by a huge flood, Paul and his family immediately donated replacement parts for them to ensure the business would be able to re-open as soon as possible.

“We are friends with the owner who almost lost his wife and children in the flood,” Paul explained.

“We had to do what we were able to. I don’t believe that business is always about the sale. “Sales are important as is revenue. But it is more about building relationships that last a long time and being blessed to find new friends around the world.”

And when he’s not hard at work producing custom-made tents for clients around the world, what does Paul do to unwind? “I love my work, and we live it,” he said. “We live in a jungle in our tents and when we have time off, we like to relax and enjoy time with our dogs.”

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