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CuddlyNest Introduces New COVID-19 Exceptional Cancellation Policy and Sanitation Filter

There is a new sense of hope and optimism arising in the tourism industry. We at CuddlyNest are very excited to share with you all of the things we have been working on behind the scenes in order to offer our guests and property owners the best experience possible.

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COVID-19 Exceptional Cancellation Policy

The safety of our guests and property owners is our top priority while we move into this next chapter. We have created a new cancellation policy that can be applied to any current or future bookings until the end of 2020. Any guest can cancel up to 24 hours before arrival, and receive their booking fee, including the CuddlyNest service fee, in the form of trip credit. This credit can then be used towards any booking until the end of 2021. Please check with the property owner to ensure this cancellation policy is applied to their property, that you have booked. We are recommending all our property owners apply this policy to their listings so that it can be applied to all bookings.

All CuddlyNest cancellation policies can be found on our COVID-19 response page.

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Sanitation Filters

We will also be adding a new sanitization filter. This filter will allow guests to check if the accommodation that they would like to book has been properly disinfected in the last 48 or 72 hours. This filter can be applied to all accommodations listed on our website. See here:

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The Travel Industry Remains Optimistic

Summer travel is becoming more of a reality than a distant dream. As countries begin to relax their lockdown and isolation measures and set new dates for opening their borders to tourism, there is an increase in both interest and movement. Governments and tourism boards are also defining clear safety measures and restrictions moving forward. Not only will this help prevent the spread of the virus, but aid in regaining the trust of travelers.

CuddlyNest Partner and COO, Ritesh Raj, is confident that the tourism industry will unite to pave the way for safe travel. “We have an opportunity to work closely together to ensure the health and safety of our entire global community,” says Raj.

We are optimistic about the future and remain confident that we are getting closer and closer to exploring the world again. While we are still encouraging all future travelers to #PlanNowStayLater, travel may come sooner than you think.  For any questions regarding our new policy and any of our other policies, please contact our support team through our website’s contact page or at

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About CuddlyNest:

A Chicago based start-up, CuddlyNest was founded in late 2016 and has grown exponentially since, offering reliable bookings at over one million properties all around the world. CuddlyNest’s mission is to offer all travelers all accommodations at an unbeatable price. The online rental marketplace created an innovative booking fee-sharing model that has been the key to the company’s success. Having the lowest aggregate commission fee in the market allows property managers to be in charge of their earnings while providing guests with the lowest booking price in the market.

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 provides all accommodations to all travelers at an unbeatable price. This press release belongs to a series by the CuddlyNest team, on the Coronavirus Outbreak. To see more information about our policies please visit our response page.

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CuddlyNest Introduces New COVID-19 Exceptional Cancellation Policy and Sanitation Filter