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Restaurant in London Transforms Breakfast Brunch

Forget the lockdown sourdough starters; The Barge House’s  ‘Breakfast En Bread’ has everything you need for the perfect loaf filled with locally sourced ingredients and delivered next day to your door. Want to try one for a feature/review? Let me know and we’ll send one out to you next day delivery.

This summer, one of London’s most iconic brunch restaurants, The Barge House in Hackney, is bringing their famous ‘Breakfast En Bread’ to the nation with their new all-day dining delivery concept. With the classic pairing of an English breakfast and the French passion for bread, each ‘Breakfast En Bread’ will be delivered next day across the country in perfectly proved sourdough loaves filled with delicious locally sourced ingredients, ready to eat in just twenty minutes. Plus, for those loyal fans living locally, a new Click & Collect service is available 7 days a week – order before 3pm for collection an hour later.

The Original takes its inspiration from the mighty English Breakfast and is filled with everything one would expect from a delicious cooked breakfast: oyster mushrooms, bacon, Barge House banger, spinach, egg and much more (and also comes in a scrumptious vegetarian option). The Smokey Salmon takes the fresh zing of locally smoked salmon from Chapel & Swan combined with crème fraiche, spinach, slow roast tomatoes and leeks before being garnished with dill, a squeeze of lemon and topped with an egg. The Au-Barge is perfect for those dreaming of the Mediterranean this summer; filled with baked aubergine and aromatic tomato sauce with black olives, oyster mushrooms, vegan feta, spinach and finished with green sauce, when enjoyed during Britain’s heatwave it’s easy to imagine you’re in more exotic climes. Delivered for free next day, complete with a fresh egg to crack on top and ready to bake in just twenty minutes, with Breakfast en Bread loafing around has never been more delicious.

Founded in 2014 by Fred Defaye and Debbie Malynn, The Barge House has become a Hackney institution celebrating music, art and gastronomic delights. With the doors currently closed but set to open soon, Fred and Debbie are determined to share the restaurant’s culinary excellence with the nation.  Inspired by Fred’s Parisian childhood and his father’s recipe of a Poilâne loaf filled with Fois Gras, black pudding, white pudding, quail and wild mushrooms, Fred and Debbie decided to create their own version of the winning formula of an English Breakfast perfectly paired with the French passion for bread and thus Breakfast En Bread was born.

Featuring a vibrant menu with something for everyone, including vegan and vegetarian options, Breakfast En Bread is perfect for those who have a passion for food and want to enjoy the best gastronomic experiences that restaurants have to offer from the comfort of their own homes. To be enjoyed at any time of the day or night, Breakfast En Bread is the perfect way to enjoy delicious home-cooked food without having to do anything more than crack an egg and open and oven door. As the smell of freshly baked Breakfast En Bread fills houses across the nation, Fred and Debbie are offering a new dining experience that brings the ethos of The Barge House “honest enough for the everyday, delicious enough for every occasion,” to peoples kitchen tables.

Founders Fred and Debbie comment “Our social landscape has changed for the foreseeable future. We’re all having to revisit and restructure our everyday habits and routines. Whilst the restaurant industry is working to find its feet and navigate its way through Covid chaos, working together with others in the industry we are aiming to reimagine the dining experience. It is important to keep supply chains moving whilst keeping the public fed with great food in the custom we have become used to.”

With a simple online order platform, Click & Collect and next day delivery, each Breakfast en Bread is the perfect culinary option for those seeking home baked bread, fresh British ingredients and a delicious restaurant concept enjoyed from the comfort of their own home.

Pricing: Starts from £14.50
Free delivery on orders over £22.00
£10.00 launch discount on orders over £20.00 using code Hungry10