The condition and state of a water bottle makes a statement. Cheap water bottles as the kind that come as complimentary gifts when you join a gym, not only ruin the taste of the water quickly but can also degrade and oxidise filling the water with chemicals and bacteria. Most water bottles are kept and used well beyond their use-by date and are only discarded when they actually begin to leak.

Quokka bottle have taken the water bottle up a notch by creating a long-lasting bottle that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and completely airtight. The high duty lid can also be used as a cup and forming a complete and reliable seal this bottle won’t leak over everything in your bag like some bottles.

Also, thanks to its size (it is a little larger than other bottles) and sturdiness it is definitely multipurpose, serving perfectly for water or a hot drink and as it is convenient to clean, you won’t be struggling to keep it fresh.

Also, I can’t remember the last time someone complimented me on my choice of water bottle. So, credit for new experiences.