Fight the Filth Reliably. Squeeky Life Bottle.

Lockdown provided a great opportunity to test out the Squeeky Life Bottle from Squeeky Cleaners. As millions of people around the world discovered, being on house arrest comes with an unexpected amount of dust to deal with.

The Squeeky Life Bottle offers a solid aluminium bottle and easy to use refills of their unique organic product formulation. This cuts down on the amount of household plastic waste produced in the home and it’s large enough to hold enough cleaning agent to complete a good deal of cleaning before needing to be refilled. Its heft also comes with a “purpose built” feeling which does make cleaning feel a bit more exciting. Like entering into battle against filth with an arsenal of high grade firearms and not homemade slingshots.

A lot of thought has gone into the product, as the pamphlet write up will provide, and this is going to be a clear winner for anyone who is conscious about their footprint and wanting to do their bit. The target market seems to be either professional cleaners seeking to upgrade their equipment in a sustainable fashion, or those men and women who are able to spend extra on their home-care equipment. Not to say that bachelors and bachelorettes won’t enjoy the cleaning ease and freshness that comes with this product.

Ready to use refills include multi-purpose and glass cleaners, bathroom cleaner and limescale remover, floor cleaner and surface polish. All 100% organic and all easy to use.

Made in the UK, Vegan and cruelty free Squeeky Life Bottle has enjoyed great success and is appearing on the cupboard shelves of households and businesses around the country. It does exactly what it says on the bottle and it will indeed in the long term save money for the user. As they say, time to ditch the plastic.