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5 Reasons You Should Take A Holiday In You Own Country

When people think about going on holiday, they usually think about getting out of the country and exploring somewhere new. However, exploring somewhere new doesn’t need to involve going out of the country. You will be surprised at how many new places there are to explore closer to where you live. It can also give you a chance to get away without having to break the bank. Below are some reasons why you should think about holidaying in your own country:


Easier to work into a schedule

When you go abroad, you have to factor in travel time. This includes time at the airport to get through security and the length of your flight. When you only have long weekends to go somewhere new, this can eat into a lot of your time. If you choose to go somewhere within the country you live, you still have to travel, but it won’t take as long, and you will be left with more time to relax and explore. You may even find yourself spending more weekends going to new towns and cities to see what you can discover.

Visit friends and family

If you have friends and family up and down the country, you can use your long weekends or mini-breaks to spend some time with them and explore the area where they live. You might be able to save some money by staying at the house if they have space, but even if you don’t stay with them, it is an excellent opportunity to catch up and have some fun.

Connect with nature

An excellent holiday option when you aren’t going abroad is camping. When you go abroad, you are more likely to stay in a hotel or to rent a villa, but staying in your country gives you the chance to get closer to nature. All you need to do is look up reviews of the best pop up tents, get yourself a tent and some other equipment, find a camping ground, pack up your car and go. It will give you the chance to explore some beautiful spots and spend some time having fun in the fresh air.

You can drive your car

The best thing about holidaying in your own country is that you can drive to where you want to go. There isn’t the stress of making sure that you make it to the airport in time for a flight, or the hassle of having to lug your luggage around with you. You can put everything in your car, be flexible about when you set off, take your time, and go straight to your final destination.

There is so much to see

Traveling around your own country will make you realize that there is so much more to see than you once thought. Just because you live somewhere doesn’t mean you know what the whole country has to offer. It will give you the chance to discover and learn so much about the heritage and history of your country and hopefully inspire many more trips.