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Why Malaysia Makes A Great Nomad Destination

Malaysia is packed full of cultural highlights, wonderful food, good people, and some of the best scenery you’ll find anywhere in the world. It highlights luscious mountains, crystal waters and combines this with rich history that is perfect for those who like to immerse themselves in new cultures and paths. If this is a part of the world that you haven’t had the chance to explore yet, then it could be your next destination. Malaysia is home to many digital nomads and business professionals and boasts a steady economy that allows you to live well for less money, which is what makes this so favourable to travellers. If you work from home, you will certainly feel as if you are living the life of luxury in many parts of Malaysia on a western wage. It can be difficult to get a grip of the language and the culture if you haven’t been there before, things are fast paced but not as modernised and it will take some adjusting to. The sooner you get to grips with everything Malaysia has to offer, the sooner you’ll fall in love with it. But before you rush off, here are some travel tips you’ll want to be aware of also to ensure that you have a safe, happy and healthy time. 

Photo: Pixabay

Budget and Spend Carefully

A lot of the essentials in this part of the world are very affordable, so there’s no need to spend very much money. However, you will have to be very careful because tourists are often the main targets of scammers and thieves but this is the case for many major cities across the world, so be vigilant and source your travel and transfers well. Be sure to know some of the ways in which you can be conned. For example, agree a price with your taxi driver before you set off because that’s one way they get you. Budget everything and don’t fall into these kinds of traps. If you’re looking for somewhere to live then you will be spoiled for choice, but again this depends on your location and whereabouts you’d like to base yourself in Malaysia. There are many places to rent, there are stunning apartments and villas. You could look at a Johor Bahru apartment for rent or perhaps you want somewhere in the main city itself up in Kuala Lumpur. The entirety of the country is full to the brim of apartments and houses. When you want to budget for the month, you will want to look at what is the most expensive thing you will have to pay for. You will find that food is easily sourced and is fresh and cheap. Your travel insurance and visas may cost more! If you want to get around the country, then there are affordable options, or you could hire a bike which is also wonderful exercise. 

Be Sure To Understand The Weather Extremities And Changes

The weather conditions can vary wildly at different times of the year, and this is something that you should take into account. You must be sure that you know the seasons well as well as what to expect during this time. In the west, we may see summer as warm and dry, but in Asia it may be humid and wet, some times in parts of Asia, it can be the wettest time of year. Overall, Malaysia’s weather is usually relatively hot and humid all year round but it will be wet also, it has a relatively tropical climate but you will rarely feel cold somewhere like this, but it’s good to have something to prepare for just in case the temperature does drop. There are many apps to help you stay on top of the local weather.

Sample the Street Food

Street food is a huge part of what most of Asia can offer and it is fresh and delicious. It is important to eat only the food that you are seeing in front of you being cooked and nothing premade as you do not know where or how it has been sourced and if you are not used to their cuisine, you may find that you do not agree with the food.  There are all kinds of things on offer, some of them may not be tempting at all but they are quite keen on their seafood and fresh foods, so be sure to give it a try. You will find plenty of cuisines in the major cities but if you’re off the beaten track then you’re forced to try some new foods. If you’re solo travelling, you could always look at a cooking class to get a better grip of what to eat and how to cook it.

Make The Most Of The Stunning Nature, When You’re Not Working

There are some stunning natural landscapes in Asia, because Malaysia itself is so beautiful but also so well connected to other areas of Asia. There are plenty of captivating cities in the country however, you could also opt to look at some of its neighbours, such as Halong Bay in Vietnam or Stone Forest in China, which are natural delights and are truly stunning places to visit. The natural elements will certainly inspire your work. 

Traveling East Asia is something you certainly won’t forget, so start making plans right away. You are sure to not regret it. However, don’t forget to make the most of the things if you’re a business person and be sure to look at all options when you’re working over there, if you choose to. There are plenty of co-working spaces and good WiFi hotspots where you will find other like minded travellers, so you will never feel alone. Be sure to research how you can stay connected if you’re working and that you can still access the necessary sites, your bank accounts and have good phone access also. You can be sure that Malaysia will be a profitable place to work from and also an enjoyable one.