The Logbook

The Logbook. March 2020.

What a month!

The world has been gripped by viral panic. Schools, businesses and social gatherings have been closed or banned. People have been told to not socialise or gather in groups. There are many reasons why these measures are smart, reasonable and forward thinking but it is important to remember that even should you catch the virus, you have a 98% chance of recovery.

The travel industry is one sector that has been hit the hardest. Ghost planes have been flying with half their seats empty, airlines have had to close doors, hotels are scarcely populated by wide eyed zombies wearing surgical masks (won’t do anything for you) and the knock on effects have been felt throughout many industries. The medical industry, ie the surgeons and doctors that need the surgical masks have had shortages because the factories that make them have been closed and the public have been panic buying them in bulk.  It seems that every country is on the verge of declaring martial law with everyone being confined to their homes and given a curfew, a response that is usually represented in fiction when there’s a zombie or vampire outbreak.

Through this, small to medium enterprises in the travel and tourism industry are having to pivot, bob and weave. These businesses, in the face of fear are stepping up and making sure that everyone feels hope, everyone knows that those places and experiences on their bucket lists are still going to be there. That their adventures and their dream-vacations and once-in-a-lifetime experiences are just waiting for them. These businesses are also giving a huge amount of hope to the employees and staff and suppliers that rely on these businesses for their bread and butter.

In times like this, people are looking for the heroic brands that they can trust. The ones that did not bow to pressure and did not throw in the towel. Indeed, the brands that step forward today will be the heroes of tomorrow.

This is the time when heroes are made.

With this in mind, we have the usual selection of glamping, safaris and boutique accommodations ready for you.