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Mount Kili Adventures Ltd. Tanzania.

Founded in 2011, Mount Kili Adventures Ltd is proof that nothing can hold back a great idea. Owner Yosepha Arestidi Shirima reveals that she created her business for two main reasons. Firstly, a love of adventuring and secondly an inspired move to have a company that could generate income not only for herself but also for other people. Especially the men and women who work as porters and guides in her company.


With a team of ten permanent staff and an additional thirty temporary staff there is a selection of safari packages to suit the tastes of every would-be explorer seeking to experience Africa.

Depending on what the customer wants, the trips and packages vary from single day trips, to longer adventures that can last between three days to up to fourteen. And, in a fantastic development for the industry as a whole, many of the guides are women and are highly experience in both safaris and mountain climbing! Fluent in Swahili and English these guides know exactly how to engage their audience perfectly and showcase the marvellous wildlife, geography, flora and fauna of the region which makes Tanzania the country it is.

Overnight accommodation of varying styles are available depending on the client’s choice, taste and budget. The choice of destinations are carefully selected and each pride themselves on the excellence of their personalized service and the friendliness of their staff. Yosepha also makes sure that the safaris are all updated once a year to keep them as fresh and as sustainable as possible.


Mount Kili Adventures supports a number of charities and they also organise volunteers seeking to spend time working in the country. Furthermore, they donate a percentage of their profits to non-profit organizations and to the  local community based causes that are doing such great work.

“In other words,” Yosepha says, “Our clients are helping less privileged people in Tanzania and contributing towards nature and wildlife conservation.”


Yosepha is proud of the fact that their clients arrive as customers and leave as friends. Not only because as a business they thrive on peer reviews and recommendations, but also because it is a deeply personal relationship that she values.

“For many clients this is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” she says, “And it is deeply rewarding to be there with them and making sure they have the best experience possible.”


If there are any specific dietary requirements it is always best to make it known upon booking so arrangements can be made.

PRICE: The price varies depending to the package that the client chooses. There are luxury packages  and budget packages available.

Depending on this the prices can range between $450.00 US for three days  up to $850.00 US for three days. The maximum price is up to $4200.00 US which is  a luxury package from the mountain to the wilderness to the beach.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +255 784 545 594

EMAIL: info@mountkiliadventures.com 

WEBSITE: www.mountkiliadventures.com

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