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As You Like It Safaris Ltd. Kenya.

An outstanding and unique safari operator that specialises in all of East Africa, As You Like It Safaris has made a name for itself by offering adventurous safaris tailor-made to suit each and every client’s unique desires.

Owner, Vivien Prince, has been working in safaris since 1989 and was able to purchase a camp in Maasai Mara from a business partner in 1997. Wanting it to reflect class, flexibility and personality she turned to Shakespeare’s famous line, “As You Like It” and her company was born.

“I love to share this beautiful country,” she says, “And to show all it has to offer in the good old-fashioned way of spending quality time in the parks and getting great photos, engaging with this ancient and wild place on a personal and memorable level.”

Truly, the best way in Vivien’s mind to experience a safari, is to get right stuck in and have an adventure!


Working with a select team of industry experts as well as agents in Canada and Australia, the average As You Like It Safari lasts fourteen to seventeen days, but as each tour is customized for the participant, they can last any length of time. As is suggested by the name, the safaris are all focused around what a customer wants to see.


Vivien explains that what makes them unique is her personal, old school attention to detail where customers get what they are promised and more.

She explains that she inherited Ernest Kamara, who has now worked with her for thirty years, from Brian Nicholson. Having mentored under Brian and having learnt everything he had to offer, Kamara is now a director of As You Like It Safaris Limited and is an irreplaceable part of the business.

“He is his own mechanic, he is bush savvy, humble, knows his way around and is an outstanding driver and guide,” Vivien says, “Most importantly, he is much loved by all those who safari with him, and is the standard of which I judge all my other driver guides against.”

2020 is going to be a safari year, and As You Like It Safaris has some amazing offers in store for those looking for an opportunity to get a different “perspective on the usual African tour.


 24th July to the 7th August

Lead by Vivien herself, this photographic safari during the Great Migration, is a one of a kind opportunity to see how the majestic wildlife of East Africa interacts with its own environment. And, also, to immortalise it in a way that will stay with you for the rest of your life. For professionals and amateurs alike, if you have a passion for seeing animals in their most natural state, then this is one to deeply consider.

Picked up upon arrival from the Kenya Nairobi Airport guests are delivered to the hotel and the adventure begins the very next morning. Participants wake early and travel to the carefully selected locations that offer the best chance to get those perfect photographs. Accommodation is on site through a range of hotels and lodges to ensure that as much time as possible can be devoted to the task of getting those perfect shots.


*Details on the website or those who are interest can email Vivien for more information. www.asyoulikeitsafaris.com


One that is definitely likely to perk up the ears of many a coffee and travel lover, the Kenya Coffee Culture Safari is guaranteed to get a buzz in your step. Kenya is right on the coffee belt and produces some of the best coffees in the world and this tour is a chance to see this industry at its very origin.

With the help of Gibson’s Coffee, and Serena Hotels Ltd., As You Like It, takes guests through a tour that will showcase the history of this region’s coffee production. Not just about the beans, this tour also includes safari and wildlife viewing with guests staying at the most amazing hotels in the region.

*Details on the website or those who are interest can email Vivien for more information. www.asyoulikeitsafaris.com


Vivien also explains that they always try to share their conservation efforts with their clients. They are involved in a lot of different projects, including the Mt. Kenya Safari Club Animal Orphanage,  The Chimpanzee sanctuary in Ol Pejeta,  The Rhino Sanctuary in Ol Pejeta and The Elephant Orphanage.

Beyond wildlife, there is a strong social responsibility that As You Like It Safaris is involved in. Hope Streams Academy is one of these projects where many clients absolutely adore the visit to the school. Visitors to the country are often interested in the social aspects of the people that live there, it is an important part of getting to know this corner of the world and realising just how wonderful the locals are.


Vivien’s pledge to clients is that their safari will be as you like it.   How many days?  Budget?  Special requests? All this is taken into consideration, and all costs and details are made clear upfront. Every detail is catered for at the onset and there are only good surprises.

“No matter what you think you know about this region, you’ll also be surprised at what you find,” Vivien promises.

PRICE: Average US$8,000 to $9,000, but depending on what is wanted it can be as low as $2700 or up to $11,000 to $12,000 per person.

WEBSITE: www.asyoulikeitsafaris.com

ADDRESS:  P.O. Box 40501, Nairobi 00100, Kenya.  And 384 Nassau Way, Boulder City, NV 89005

TELEPHONE NUMBER:  WhatsApp +1 702 343 3776


“Safari Ants, Baggy Pants, and Elephants,” by Susie Kelly.   This is a must read, very informative, but equally, well written, and humorous!  It describes “being on safari with As You Like It Safaris and Vivien Prince.”  A best seller on Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

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