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The world needs a hero. Don’t back down.

Donnie Rust, on Marketing during the Corona Virus.

The Corona Virus has caused massive global panic and for most of us, it is the fact that so little facts are available that is the biggest concern. A lot of important minds are busy working on controlling and treating this virus however it is the human element that has caused the biggest problem.

When people do not know all the facts they become uncertain about the future and this has hit all industries hard ranging from manufacturing to travel and tourism. A combination of “open door” access to medical information from reliable websites trying to keep people informed and a swathe of poorly researched posts from clickbait websites have made a lot of people afraid of everything. They’re fearful of neighbours, crowds, groups and institutions. Of course, history reveals that in any pandemic this can be expected.

Businesses need, now more than ever, to market themselves to these people. Firstly to show confidence and strength in your brand, identifying and recognising people’s fears, and secondly to give them hope.


Safari companies need to remind people that when travel bans are over, the wild, beautiful landscapes of the world are still going to be there. Glamping sites need to remind their guests that when they start travelling again, the special boutique customer service that they are seeking will be waiting for them. Suppliers need to reassure their clients that even when the chips are down, their products are still being produced.

Across the board, hotels, tour companies and suppliers need to actively show the world that even with this cloud over us, the gears that keep the great travel and hospitality machine going are still working. That there are businesses so determined and target orientated that even when that machine grinds to a crawl, they will turn those gears by hand.

People are losing faith and this is the time where businesses like yours need to restore it. Now is when heroic brands will be established because right now, is when tomorrow’s clients need you to step forward today.

We all need a hero. So don’t back down now.

*Donnie Rust is the editor and chief of The Logbook as well as the main contributor to The Lost Executive website.