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Camping: Be At One With The World

Camping is one of the best things that you can do, and it’s most definitely underestimated. When you think about camping you probably think about really roughing it up. Sleeping on the hard floor, going to shoddy toilets that don’t smell too good, or generally being away from home comforts. This will be the general view of anyone who isn’t used to camping, and more used to jumping on a plane and heading towards the sun. But the camping game has been changed forever, there are now just so many ways that you can feel at home whilst you’re camping and become an Expert Camper. In fact, some would say that they feel more at home when camping than they do at home. You can get that tent feeling like your bedroom, but minus the stress of the day to come back to. So, we’re going to show you how camping has quickly become the way forward, and how you can plan your next trip.

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Different Ways Of Camping

There are so many ways of camping now, and we’d like to classify them into three sections. The first is your basic camping with just a tent and whatever you want to put inside of it. The second is a step up. You’re getting a far better tent and bringing more things with you. The third is glamping, and we think it’s one of the reasons why so many people are now enjoying camping. Far more attention has been brought to this type of break away because of glamping. Depending on who you are and what you like, there are going to be certain ones that appeal to you, and certain ones that don’t. With your basic camping, you have the basic amenities, which are slowly getting better. But it still doesn’t hide the fact that some of the shower facilities aren’t the best. So for basic camping, we’d only recommend two nights at the most. It’s enough for you to have a nice break away, yet not enough that you start to feel a little bit iffy. If you love the high life them glamping is most definitely the way to go.

Getting Everything You Need

So if the thought of glamping is something you like the sound of, then you need to consider everything you need to get. If you’re going to go on multiple camping holidays each year, which we’d definitely recommend that you do, you need some good quality equipment that’s going to last you years to come. Prepping Wizard is just one of the brands that you can visit to get some inspiration as to what you might need to buy, and there are some that you want to splash out on. The tent is one of them. The tent is going to mean the difference between a comfortable experience, and one you never wish to experience again. So for the tent size is a big thing. It bodes well to have some sort of living space, with two or three rooms adjoined. Don’t worry, they’re not as hard as they look to put up. What this does is give it a homely feel. We’d also recommend buying a blow-up mattress, just for your added comfort. You can then take a duvet, which is again, more of home comfort. Cooking stoves, waterproof covers, hanging lights, fans and of course good quality camping chairs are all things that you need to think about adding to your shopping list.

Making The Most Of Your Time There

Now it’s time to think about all of the things that you can do whilst you’re there. There’s just so much going on on the majority of campsites around the world. That’s another great thing about camping, you could go abroad and find yourself all around the world living from your tent, and doing it with far more money for fun in your pocket. So make the most of the nature that you’ll find yourself surrounded by. Go to nature parks and do the big hikes, rent a bike and spend the day cycling around, or do whatever else that the camping site has to offer. Often you’ll be in places surrounded with a ton of outdoor things to do anyway!

Saving Some Money Along The Way

To save money along the way you simply have to find the balance of making your own food, and eating out. If you’re going for a week-long trip it might not be as feasible to eat out every meal that you have. You can also look at discount websites to see if you can get discounts on future camping equipment that you might need.