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Like building a house, a business cannot grow and outperform its competition without the best tools. A European business, have created an invaluable centralised client management and sales platform for businesses and individuals working in the travel and tour industry.

Based out of Bucharest in Romania and dealing with a global travel market place of small to medium sized enterprises, celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2019, and has spent the last ten years keeping themselves and their clients ahead of the competition when it comes to the travel booking market place.

Showing no signs of slowing, has implemented more than 100 systems all over the world and has helped travel companies distribute their travel inventory with state of the art technology.’s off the shelf software products cover a full range of processes from production, contracting, mid-office management to API distribution. Fully available both in English and in Arabic, the booking engines were design to cater for Arabic travellers as well as English speaking ones.


Founded by George Dumitru and Cristian Isbasoiu the business has been a pioneer in many areas not only including travel and tour, but also in how they approach office and employee management. Preferring a relaxed and innovative environment where creativity is rewarded, and people have a flexible working environment that is very target orientated.


As modern technology develops, so too do the ideas and motivations of those working behind the scenes. provides a user-friendly platform for destination management companies, travel management companies and business-to-customer travel agency sites dealing with booking hotels, flights and other travel services. Helping these companies control and record their bookings, purchases and client movements, centralising all of the elements that go into running a business to a central point, allowing these travel companies to grow faster and more reliably in a scalable fashion.

Scalability is very important when developing a platform that can support a business, especially when it’s in such a colourful industry as travel and tourism. It must grow with the business while at the same time providing useful and irreplaceable tools to make our clients lives and businesses more efficient and stronger.


Earlier this year saw a rush of developments at Firstly, they finished the Room Type Mapping implementation process with their selected partner GIATA. chose to add GIATA’s Room Type Mapping to its portfolio of products to help its clients, the travel companies, better organize the inventory displayed on the search results page, in the booking engine. The newest solution matches and groups inconsistent travel information and data from multiple travel suppliers, making it possible for the travel companies to present bookable products in an easy to understand and consistent language.

The Room Mapping tool has proven to be one of the keys for higher value sales. By adopting the newest Room Mapping solution, travel businesses can visibly maximize a user’s sales performance. GIATA RTM has been proven to deliver to its clients a 7.1 % increase in conversions, more than 20% growth in margins and an additional 24% of the overall booking revenue.

Secondly, during January they began working with Travelfusion, a leader of the Low-cost carrier airline aggregation and developed an XMP API connection to offer direct access for their clients to the content from more than 330 Low-cost carriers and scheduled airlines.

Another plus that brings to the table, with the new connection to Travelfusion, is that it offers the possibility for the travel agents or the traveller to book ancillary services like extra luggage, priority boarding, different check-in options and special extras like sports or musical equipment conveniently and above all, reliably.

COOPERATION has, for ten years, developed a strong client base that rely heavily on them for the running of their businesses. They are the platform on which thousands of people earn their income, so all partners need to be at an equally reliable standard. With multiple awarded clients in this portfolio, have over 45,000 travel agents registered on the system.


Time is crucial. Whether it is the final traveller or your travel agent that browses in your system to search for the ideal room, the response time should be instantaneous. This vital element is driven by your technology provider and subsequently by API connectivity, content and so on. offers one of the fastest response times in the market, even when browsing through dozens of API travel suppliers. In turn, their system has demonstrated an increase in an ability to offer visitors and clients faster search results in a clear and organized manner, even with large data volumes.


With over one hundred and fifty integrations with suppliers of travel products ranging from hotels to flights and third party services such as payment gateways and accounting systems, maintains its position as a leader by continuous innovation.

This drive for improvement and development is enhanced and balanced by partnering with leading names in travel and hospitality. These include the likes of Agoda,, Priceline, Expedia, HotelBeds, Amadeus, Sabre and the abovementioned Travelfusion.

As a matter of fact, they are only one of the few software houses to provide this number of payment gateway integrations into one user-friendly system. This variety of options creates an ease of transaction between users and their clients which goes a long way in encouraging strong, long term relationships and a healthier cashflow.


In an effort to deploy faster services and forge strong business relationships that will benefit their clients long term, has entered into a Certified Technology Partner Programme with Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS). Not open to just anyone, for a business to be included in the programme they first had to be up to speed with Expedia’s latest API technology “Rapid”. And, be able to demonstrate a high standard of customer service and a capacity for further growth.

As explained by Fritz Oberhummer, the EPS director of account management platforms in EMEA and LATAM, “The only limitation is internal resources,” he says, “We usually say that businesses need to have partnered with us for at least twelve months and have, geographically and product-wise, a balance across the globe.”

During Expedia’s conference at Travel Technology Europe last year in 2019, were announced as certified partners.


When considering how to offer visitors to your travel site the best experience, there are a lot of options, so it only makes good sense to choose careful and be discerning.

Choose wisely.

Address: 18-18A Vulturilor Street, 1st floor, District 3
City: Bucharest, Romania


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