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Mondi Lodge. Curaçao

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An eco-friendly tropical sanctuary characterised by colourful palapas and friendly multi-lingual staff Mondi Lodge is a unique paradise.  Surrounded by trees filled with beautiful exotic birds, flowers and local wildlife like iguanas, tree lizards, parakeets, land crabs, hummingbirds and the occasional flamingo there is no doubt this is escapism at its best.

Mondi Lodge was founded in 2014 in Curaçao and was the result of a lifelong dream of the de Haseth family to run a bed and breakfast. When George and Hedy-An’s daughter Danita returned to her birth island after fifteen years in Holland, the family rallied together to create their dream lodge.

Danita explains that both her parents have a background in business and tourism while she has worked extensively in psychiatric nursing. The lodge was therefore based on a passion for hospitality and connecting with people and not just a business idea.


Their mission was to create a sustainable accommodation where guests could feel at home and enjoy nature and art. The premises, which is family ground, used to be the home of Danita’s grandparents and George grew up there amongst nature and the many farm animals that were kept. Her grandma Frida always dreamed of having her own guesthouse where she could cook for her guests and this certainly influenced George’s decision on the structure and offering of the lodge.


There are four staff members including Danita, Janine, Benjamin and Silma. And of course, George and Hedy-An are always involved behind the scenes.

There are six wooden palapas with a total of eight rooms. One of the palapas is wheelchair accessible and one is a treehouse. A unique, family-run destination, with colourful wooden houses, a very green oasis-like tropical garden, they specialise in offering delicious breakfasts, comfortable sleeping areas and a home away from home feeling.


Already, this year has started off well, as they have just opened their new treehouse lodge and Danita is set to be travelling for a few months this year to collect new inspiration for new developments.


A priority for Danita is customer service as this is the hallmark of a great reputation in the hospitality sector. To achieve this, they speak with their guests a lot and solve possible problems immediately. Monthly they receive many online reviews which they reply to personally and at check out, they always ask guests for feedback, positive and negative.

“Relationship building is very important to us,” Danita explains, “It is the main unique selling point of our business and guests often tell us they feel like they’re staying at friends.”

Also, to play their part in the mission of eco-tourism and accommodation, Mondi Lodge is very careful to keep their footprint green. In the construction of the lodge no trees were felled, no food is wasted, items are recycled, and waste is managed. If Mondi Lodge ever leaves their island, all that will be left behind will be footprints in the ground.

PRICE: $150/night for a double room including tax and breakfast.

ADDRESS: Klein Sint Michiel 1, Curaçao

TELEPHONE NUMBER: (+5999) 6867977



*Disclaimer: The Lost Executive Ltd is not liable for any experiences had at Mondi Lodge. Including great sleeps, awesome experiences and a great stay.