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Taking full advantage of the hotel’s forward thinking and incredibly supportive blogger-friendly approach to marketing, I was very pleased to be able to enjoy several nights at AX The Palace hotel during my stay in Malta. Here is what I found.


In the heart of Sliema, atop a hill and overlooking a cascade of rooftops leading to the Mediterranean sea, AX The Palace offers the best of both worlds, a city lifestyle as well as stunning views. From an array of rooms ranging from the Classy and unique AX Designer Collection to comfortable rooms that offer a wonderfully modernistic stay, this is a Maltese hotel offering it all in abundance.

Situated in Malta’s main shopping district and offering a unique flavour to its surroundings the hotel is only a few steps away from exquisite places to eat, eventful nightlife and walking distance from the largest promenade on the island.


In any five star rated hotel there are certain things that are assured. For example, the beds, the toilets, shower units and the décor were immaculate. The attentiveness of the staff was of the highest calibre of friendliness and efficiency. The breakfast buffet in the morning was a culinary orchestra of continental and island tastes that made me regret the limit of my own belly. Really, the only flaw I can see, is that the superb blackout curtains combined with the comfort of the mattress made me late for every morning meeting.

My advice is to set several alarms and get the front desk to call you because the beds are too comfortable to leave. So, what makes The AX Palace the place to stay while you’re in Sliema, Malta?

I am very glad you asked.


The grander the hotel the more spacious the foyer. The longer the walk from the entrance to the check in desk and the more prevalent the echo of footsteps on the floor and the roll of luggage the finer the establishment.

As a society we place a great value on space and from the rotating doors to the front desk, The Palace offers precisely enough time for you to enter and get your bearings and take stock of where the buffet restaurant is, where the foyer bar is, where the check in-out desk is and also how many people are in the hotel foyer.

Like a gallery of fine art, the space made it easy to appreciate the cool styling and decoration of the foyer space which was artistic and grand yet minimalist and professional. It spoke of comfort and luxury at your own pace.


I always like to create a story when I travel, and I do believe that more people do this than would care to admit. I like to invent a backstory about myself and why I’m visiting a particular hotel because it makes everything that little bit more… epic.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a thirty something year old man or a twelve year old boy, a backstory is fun and is thoroughly recommendable. It gives every hotel corridor the potential for adventure and every room becomes a universe of stories.

For example, AX The Palace would be the perfect place for James Bond-esque gentlemen spies to stay at. Combining luxurious hotel rooms with stunning city and ocean views they also have that special dramatic design and placement of furniture.

Frankly, as a creative escapist I love any hotel that indulges my fantasy of being more than a glorified blogger! Just take a look at the layout of this room and tell me that you don’t want to sit in that chair or behind the desk with that view at your back, waiting for someone to walk in so you can say:

“Here we are at last,”



All of the rooms overlook the city’s skyline, comprised of the traditional limestone flat roofs that Sliema is so famous for as well as Valletta’s harbour in the distance. The terraces have decking furniture and the city sounds are silenced by terrace doors that block out any and all sound while blackout curtains do the same with the lights.

The Palace offers luxury hotel rooms with 17 comfort rooms overlooking the internal courtyard. 76 deluxe rooms, 40 superior rooms, 12 executive rooms, 6 Designer suites and 9 junior suites.


A massive USP of The Palace is its Designer Suite Collection. These elegantly furnished suites are inspired by the beauty of the senses and offer different designs of view, texture, music, light flavours and fragrance based on classical and contemporary lines. It’s all aimed at providing the guest with the ultimate experience in hospitality, which is exclusive to The Palace.


A wide selection of facilities are offered, ranging from spa and health centres to advanced fitness equipment. There are also two swimming pools, one inside and one outside, and a popular rooftop terrace where guests can experience the scenic views of the Mediterranean harbour.


TemptAsian, which is listed as one of Malta’s leading 35 restaurants for high-standard fine cuisine and service, has been followed by the Palace’s The Tabloid Restaurant, which was awarded as being one of the top 5 restaurants on the island for Sunday Buffet Lunches.

Talk of Town Café, at the Palace, is an all-day bar, diner and café, serving breakfast items, afternoon tea, lunchtime sandwiches and meals during the day. In the evening it transforms into a chic bar serving a vast range of fine wines, spirits, aperitifs, cocktails and food platters.


The Palace offers a variety of exclusive wedding and event venues designed from concept to décor stage in order to ensure the perfect setting.

The hotel is one of the only hotels in Sliema that can offer the perfect setting for groups and conferences as well as weddings and events.

The exclusive venues, namely the Royal Hall, the State Hall and the Alexandra Gardens and the Tabloid, can offer customised settings as well as pre-themed coffee breaks in pre-function areas or the Alexandra Gardens.


Digital nomads and travelling business people will appreciate the spacious desk and the super strong WIFI available at the hotel. Plug sockets in Malta are the same as UK but the plug sockets are pretty universal. I have a UK charger for my phone but a European charger for my laptop and I was able to charge both of them happily.


WIFI: Super-fast

Languages: English and Maltese

Check In time: 12pm

Contact: 356 2133 3444

Website : 

Address: High Street, Sliema SLM 1542, Malta

*Disclaimer: The Lost Executive Ltd cannot be held liable for any experiences had at The Palace Hotel. Including missed meetings because you slept in on the glorious beds, weight gain due to their delicious restaurants, or adult tantrums at the check-out desk.