The Logbook

The Logbook. February 2020.

Twenty issues. This is our twentieth issue of The Logbook and it happens to fall on the second month of 2020. It is a pretty prestigious point in our publication not only because of the happy coincidence of the dates and number of magazines – no, we cannot claim that was intentional- but mostly because it represents twenty issues.

Twenty issues of our team working together to present the highest level of editorial coverage to hospitality and travel. Twenty issues of development and hard work from many incredible travelling professionals.

Twenty issues of supporting digital nomads wherever they are in the world and doing our part to fight the good fight in sustainable travel and anti-poaching.

Additionally, at the time of this writing we’ve managed to consolidate 50% of our readership onto the Facebook platform to offer greater transparency and engagement between our readers and our clients. Those who are interested in glorious places and ways to travel and those sterling businesses providing these services.

If you’d like to join the conversation, catch up with us at See you there!

Here’s to twenty more issues!