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For Wild Gaze Safaris, based in East Africa,  2019 was defined by the new Southern Circuit safari location in Tanzania. Today, 2020 is all about bringing communities together around the importance of locally focused tourism.

We have spoken with Wild Gaze Safaris previously and highlighted how they are never satisfied with conducting regular standard tours. And how they have travelled the length and breadth of the country to find the most sublime opportunities for their clients. Exploring every destination to ensure that what they recommend is not only based on first-hand experience but that every supplier in the itinerary are up to the same standards. This authenticity is something that Ernest Lugalla, the owner of the company, is insistent upon.

The Safaris

Mountain climbing and safari is the mainstay of Wild Gaze Safaris and as such no corners are cut when it comes to client safety and services. Ernest explains that they spend considerable funds to make their equipment as safe and reliable as possible and that their staff are the best trained in the field.

The activities have been packaged in a selection of safaris, each one offering an exceptional Tanzanian experience at an unbeatable value. Each safari is flexible though and Ernest and his team are always up for a challenge if there is something different and unique that a client is looking to enjoy.

The Guarantees

Apart from adventures you’ll remember for the rest of your life Wild Gaze Safaris also guarantee every departure with a minimum of two passengers. Whether a safari tour has a dozen people or just two, they operate on the scheduled date and with the prescribed itinerary, featuring the same standard of tour.

Also, thanks to Ernest and his team having developed close working relationships with their hotel partners and being vigilant on their facilities, cuisine and service, there is a best room guarantee. Depending on what package is selected, the rooms could be in well located city hotels, keeping you in the heart of everything or in a safari lodge located in the heart of the wilderness. Or perhaps both.

The Guides

Employing their guides full time, each of the Wild Gaze Safari tour guides have a minimum of ten years safari experience. Ernest only works with the best and will accept nothing other than the finest guides to lead their tours and safaris. Some of the requirements is an encyclopaedic knowledge of the history, geography, people, flora and fauna of East Africa, as well as excellent driving, mechanical skills and a great talent for entertainment and engagement.


This year, Ernest wants to bring tourism social activities to the local community officer and start dealing with Primary schools within the areas of their operations such as Iringa Town.

Executed from their Wild Gaze Charity Foundation www.wildgazefoundation.org this will give them the chance to plant the seed of entrepreneurship in the local community to becoming more tourism focused and business minded in the young generation.

Ernest is also in the process of designing a brand new itinerary for new and regular clients that will involve engaging with visited villages on a direct basis.

For example, in Iringa, after morning breakfast the group would cycle 20km to one of the selected primary schools and greet teachers and students and work on engaging projects for a couple of hours before lunch. After a delicious meal they would continue onto a vehicle safari and end the day with an evening game drive and dinner at an overnight camp.

“This would be the first day of a several days safari package that will including engaging not only with the wildlife and nature but also with the communities in the region,” Ernest explains, “Afterall, it is when you engage with a local community that you experience the real spirit of a place.”

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