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Sirville Lake Elementaita Lodge. An African feel on the shores of the great birding lake, Lake Elementaita. Kenya.

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Opening their doors in October 2016, Sirville Lake Elementaita Lodge is located on a pristine and secluded shoreline. An important historical site, the lake has played host to mankind since the dawn of time and is one of the discovery sites of pre-historic humans in Africa. Boasting over four hundred species of bird, this is not only a beautiful and vibrant location but also plays an important role in protecting and safekeeping the natural heritage of the area.

We spoke to Mr. Patterson M. Njogu who operates the family business and manages the team of twenty one staff members, keeping the busy resort functioning smoothly and offering the high levels of customer service that have come to identify this boutique lodge.

“Our high service is a point of pride for us,” says Mr. Njogu, “As is the location. Our team works hard to provide our guests not only with the most comfortable stay but also a most unique location.”

He goes on to explain that the lake is RAMSAR and UNESCO protected for their historical importance and for the safety of the various animal and bird species. These include the greater and lesser flamingo, pelican and the spoon billed stork to name a few.


Including cottages, family villas, executive suites and executive tents, there are thirty different rooms at the lodge, offering a full range of ways to experience Lake Elementaita. All with the amenities one would expect including WIFI, twenty four hour room service, housekeeping and complementary bottled water and coffee and tea.


Each cottage has two floors with a pair of standard rooms on the ground and two deluxe rooms on the first. A perfect choice for couples, each room is furnished with a comfortable five-by-six foot bed spread and the finest fabrics. The cottages offer an excellent view of the lake, with magical sunsets and early morning birding from the balcony.

Family Villa

The family villa is set in a secluded section of the lodge to offer privacy,  has two spacious bedrooms and a private terrace and is suitable for a family of up to six people.

Executive Suite

The executive suite is designed with luxury in mind. It features a one bedroom en-suite bungalow and is tastefully furnished, has a raised red cedar deck and is located in a secluded section of the lodge for additional privacy. Suitable for honeymooners and those seeking secluded intimacy.

Executive Tent

Built on a raised deck of highly polished timber, the tent has two bedrooms. Each room is furnished with a five-by-six bed, extra comfortable mattresses and fine linen. It features two shower rooms and a spacious washroom and is suitable for up to a four member family.


Mr. Njogu explains that there are twenty one team members working at the lodge throughout the year, although this number does rise and fall with the holiday seasons. While they prefer to recruit from the local community and county, they do employ across Kenya. Offering opportunities for many people looking to get a start in the hospitality industry.

“Recruiting local staff is important for two reasons,” he says, “For lodges like ours that offer an authentic feel to our guests it provides an important element of locality and atmosphere, and secondly it is important to us to offer work opportunities for the local community.”


Kenya is not a country short of outdoor activities and adventures for guests to get involved in. Birding is very popular as the lake attracts the most beautiful feathered friends to its waters and shoreline. Ornithologists and general bird lovers alike will find themselves spellbound by the sweeping colours and choreography of these graceful and charismatic animals.

“Day and night game viewing at Soysambu conservancy is very popular,” Mr. Njogu tells us, “There are also day trips to the nearby national game parks such as Lake Nakuru, Hells Gate and Longonot. These are arranged by us and are between ten and forty minutes’ drive from the lodge.”

Other activities include swimming, sauna, massage and a children’s playground. For those seeking unbridled excitement there is quad biking, where guests can test their driving techniques with the challenges of steering through a natural outdoor terrain. Instructors are on hand to offer assistance for beginners and give advice on how to handle these machines safely.

Nature walks are a great way to refresh the spirit and help guests fully appreciate nature’s tranquillity and wonders, all while getting some exercise and fresh air. Walking along the dirt trails along Lake Elementaita with their guides, guests can discover the other side of Elementaita as their walking guides narrate the unique cultural stories that have shaped the history of this location.

“Stories are how the culture and history of this region were passed down,” Mr. Njogu explains, “And we offer bonfire nights where guests can listen to these stories around a fire managed by our staff and get lost in the history and magic of this country which has witnessed the growth of the world.”


With an 8.3 out of 10 on Booking.com, Sirville Lake Elementaita Lodge has struck a chord with those looking for the complete African experience with a great deal of wow factor. By combining great accommodation, customer service, a strong approach to certification and a one-of-a-kind location, they have been able to keep the guest experience as the ultimate priority.

“Customer service is central in all our operations,” Mr. Njogu says, “We aspire to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our guests and tour operators within and outside the country. Customer satisfaction and value for money is at the core of our business operations.”


Onsite there is the opportunity for fine dining. The onsite restaurant is vegetarian friendly, with parking and late night seating. A family friendly place, there is a lot on offer in terms of local and foreign dishes and Mr. Njogu explains that the chef is particularly talented at bringing to life the African cuisines.

“Each meal is prepared with fresh local ingredients,” he says, “And every ingredient is carefully used to meet our guests’ taste expectations… it is best to arrive with an appetite.”

For drinks and refreshments, there are three bars available.  The Lakeview bar offers a breath-taking panoramic view of the Lake Elementaita. It’s the perfect spot for guests to enjoy every sip of their favourite drink as the sun goes down and the night breeze settles.

The main bar offers a great selection of local and International beers, wines and spirits where guests can enjoy the amazing lake Elementaita sunset with exquisite sundowners. The pool side bar which is set right beside the pool offers cold refreshments for the thirsty swimmers who are welcome to quench their thirst at any point during the day.

“Our staff strive to be on hand for any service but not in the way of the guest’s experience,” he says, “It’s a balancing act between being attentive and in the background. Always on hand to make sure they’re every need is met.”


Check your necessary vaccinations.

This is a birding area so bring your camera, binocular and hiking outfit.

Sunscreen too.


Deluxe room – USD 160/night couple full board, USD 140/night couple HB, or USD 120 per night BB and USD 90 bed only

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +254 721770265

EMAIL: pmacharianjogu@gmail.com

WEBSITE: www.sirvillelodges.co.ke

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