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Refugio Piedra Parada. Colombia.

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Colombia is known for its beautiful landscape, welcoming hospitality, wild history,  great food and bountiful outdoor activities. In the midst’s of all this, travellers and seekers of adventure will find Refugio Piedra Parada.  Located in the Páramo Santurbán, an ecologically important mountainous region characterised by a tropical montane ecosystem and beautifully diverse fauna, this comfortable glamping site offers a shelter for nature lovers and fans of good food and fishing.


The glamping styled accommodation offers eleven comfortable pods, neatly arranged beside each other for easy access. Each of these benefits from a number of amenities to suit the modern day traveller. These include controllable heating, private bathroom with hot water, satellite television, a minibar and comfortable beds with the freshest linen for each guest. The location also provides great fresh air and a perfect area for leisurely exercise.

A maximum of four people can stay in each pod, and it is important to mention that any children over the age of six will be counted as an extra guest. It is possible to host one additional child for each pod, bringing the number to five. Children under the age of five years stay for free.

For the sake of all guests pets are not allowed at the glamping area.


Depending on what sort of stay guests want, be it a fishing trip, a family holiday or a romantic break from the stress of city living, there is a perfect package to suit. These include spa style stays, romantic get aways and VIP treatments. For prices and enquiries visit:


Refugio Piedra Parada is committed to the care of the environment and have set themselves not only as a destination for footprint-aware travellers but also as an example of ecological and sustainable tourism.

They have made a great effort to provide a level of comfort which includes drinking water, energy supply, satellite TV, Restaurant, Spa and WIFI connectivity to each of their guests without affecting the delicate moorland ecosystem.

With this in mind, during their stay guests are encouraged to help preserve this ecosystem with such simple things as making rational use of water and electricity, not throwing garbage on the pedestrian paths and refraining from affecting the flora and fauna that inhabits the refuge. It is within the guests’ hands to determine the sustainability of the location and they are welcome to get involved.

This has been embraced by the vast majority of their guests as more travellers today are aware and conscience of their own individual environmental impact. Furthermore, many are interested to do their bit to reduce this lasting effect.


All of the staff are native inhabitants of the moorland area. This local influence creates a great sense of authenticity and character and guests benefit greatly from their local knowledge and willingness to provide the best service and advice to make the stay as pleasant as possible.

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ADDRESS: km 57 vía bucaramanga a Cùcuta Páramo de Berlín , Santander colombia

Berlín, Santander, Colombia

TELEPHONE: 0057 321 4463495

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