The Logbook

The Logbook. January 2020.

Welcome to 2020.

As the first issue of The Logbook for this year I wanted to open up by saying that while the year has not had the most prestigious of starts, we can all rest assured that it will be a year of development and change because of it.

Given the quite frankly bonkers political situation happening across America, Britain and Europe; the inconceivable fires of Australia and the rising tension in Central Africa, it is a time for us to remember that all trials and tribulations are temporary and as a species humankind has proven itself not only resolute in our conviction to survive but bottomless in our capacity to show compassion.

So, in this issue, we have kept it very light, starting the year on the kind of footing that we want to pursue. Focussing on the positives. We’ve looked closely at safaris, hotels, glamping sites and operators to bring you the finest innovators of their industries. The sort of companies that are pioneering their sectors, improving techniques, training and methodologies.

Calamity’s foe is the collected mind.

Enjoy this positive edition on us.