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8 Reasons To Move To Costa Rica

South America offers an often idyllic setting for people looking for a new life. It offers a great climate, a different pace of life, excitement, and relaxation. But deciding where exactly to move to and call home may take some thought. 

You may want to think about getting Property in Costa Rica, and here are a few reasons why this may be a great option.

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Politically Stable

Many South American countries have reputations for political instability. Realistically, you would want to avoid moving to a country where political tensions or civil unrest could be on the cards. Thankfully, Costa Rica has a long-established democracy and is stable politically. 

Welcoming To People Moving In

Getting on with the locals is important wherever you move in the world and some countries may not be so welcoming to people from other countries and backgrounds moving in. This is not the case in Costa Rica. You’ll have no problem moving in and many people speak English so the language barrier should not be a problem. 

The Crime Rate Is Low

Feeling safe is important wherever you move to. Costa Rica is a pretty safe country on the whole. The crime rate is pretty low in the cities, and outside of the cities is even lower. Costa Rica fares as being one of Latin America’s most peaceful countries. 

Good Quality Healthcare

If you are moving somewhere on a permanent basis, you should consider practicalities such as how good the healthcare system is. There may be times in the future when you or your family get sick or have an accident and will need treatment.  Costa Rica is known for having one of the best low-cost healthcare systems in the world. That means that you will be in one of the best places to get medical help when you most need it. Life expectancy in Costa Rica is 77 years old. 

Buying Property Is Easy

When it comes to buying property in Costa Rica, this is made easy by the fact that foreigners and locals have the same rights. You don’t even need to have residential status, you can buy a property on a tourist visa. 

Opening A Business Is Easy In Costa Rica

If you want to start up your own business in Costa Rica, the government makes it as easy as possible for you. This leniency is to allow the opportunity to create job opportunities for local citizens. You do not even need to be a full resident or citizen of the country to start up you company either. 

Living Expenses Are Reasonable

Living costs in Costa Rica are relatively low. You could manage to get by on as little as $1500 USD. 

There Is A Varied Climate In Costa Rica

With mountains, rainforest, and coastline, Costa Rica has varied weather systems. Around the coast, you will be looking at high temperatures with high levels of humidity. Up in the mountains, you can expect a much cooler climate.