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What Happens When You Lost Your Luggage?

Missing luggage is a nightmare for every traveller. Imagine waiting at the airport conveyor belt for a long time and coming to realise that your bag is missing. It’s a dreading scenario that must have happened to a couple of people, especially during the holidays. But what can you do if you realised your bags are gone?

What to Do if Your Luggage Gets Delayed

If you can’t find your bags on the carousel, it’s best to maintain your composure. There’s a considerable chance that you haven’t lost your luggage; instead, it’s only got delayed. Most of the time, an airline can help you track your bags within 24 hours.

Once you realised you entirely lost your bags, coordinate with the airline’s lost-baggage counter. Every airport has staff whois more than happy to help you with your problem. Remember to note the identification numbers of your luggage found on the baggage claims stubs so you can quickly get them back once found.

What Happens After Reporting

If they’ve discovered that your bags are on the next flight, they could return it to you within a couple of hours.You can do different things while you wait for your luggage at Singapore Airport. In case your bags are in a completelydifferent airport, then it could take a few more days before you can have them back.

The airline delivers the luggage typically to you once found. If you’re staying at a resort or a hotel, let the front desk officer know that you’re expecting your bags to arrive on a specific day.

Most airline companies also reimburse any expenses caused by these incidents. That’s why it’s crucial to keep all your receipts as proof in case they ask. Airlines would generally cover the overnight necessities like soap and toothpaste as you wait for your luggage to arrive. Some airlines offer a daily allowance, too.

If the airline company doesn’t get back to you within five days, they will tag the luggage as lost. At which point, the airline will proceed with the assumption that there’s no way to retrieve your bag any longer.

In case this happens, make sure that you receive a written claim for all the damages caused by the incident. Doing so will require you to fill out a different form, which you can do online or at the airport.

What You Can Do if The Luggage has Damage

Remember that most airlines won’t cover any expenses for minor damage like dents or scratches. They, however, will typically cover costs on fragile items packed inside your luggage.

If any of your items got damaged, you need to provide a receipt as proof for any repairs. They’ll also require you to use airline-sanctioned luggage repair services to take alook at the items.

Travelling is a great way to spend quality time, especially if you’re on a long break. Always ensure that you practise even the simplest precaution when taking a holiday. Get a luggage tag for your bag or other means of identification as well as proof of your belongings.