The Logbook

The Logbook. December 2019.

What has made 2019 magnificent and what can be done to make 2020 even better? This is the question that we have been asking the businesses included in our end of year edition.

It is an important question to ask, and it’s something we’ve asked ourselves as well. We’ve found that as the end of this year approaches it is a waste to bundle all the experiences, both good and bad, into a package and label it “2019.” What a waste to simply categorise and store the experiences of an entire year!

Every challenge and hurdle, every obstacle thrown into the road and every unexpected turn is a lesson that should be valued. Every solution, split-second-decision and leap-of-faith is a triumph that should be celebrated.


No business is absolute. Every single company in the world, from those dreamy start-ups to those fifth-generation monopolies run and prosper off the ingenuity, united focus and ambition of the people involved. In this issue, we’ve taken the time to speak with a number of businesses in the glamping, safari and cruise industries regarding what has made this year magnificent. With a focus on their staff and what they consider to be their triumphs, one of the most important things for them all were the relationships.


There is a business trend to automate as much as possible, the aim of this is to encourage less time to be spent on processes and more time to be spent with customers. But the result seems to be causing many customers to be alienated as the gap between client and provider widens.

Thankfully, 2019 has seen businesses of all sizes devote an increasing amount of time and resources to full this gap and engage their customers. If anything, this year has proven that engaging clients and customers more will always have positive outcomes and there is always room for further growth.

Family is important. Remember who is in yours.

Happy End of Year.