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Mukwa Lodge. Zambia

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With a distinctly executive/African feel Mukwa Lodge and Restaurant is the ideal destination for families and tourists looking to experience the natural wonders and delicious flavours of Zambia. At the same time, it’s location near the city centre of Kitwe, the Hub of the Copperbelt makes it the perfect base of operations for business people and investors wanting to visit Zambia and secure a place for themselves in the country’s shining economic future.


Ideally located near the city centre, Mukwa Lodge provides easy access into and around the city as well as reliable access to the tourist sites around the country.

Perfectly situated in a secure and excellent location along Mpezeni Avenue, the surrounding area of the lodge makes it a perfect place for a retreat. As is often found in Africa, it is possible to be both near the heart of a commercial hub while still being surrounded by the sort of lush nature one would expect in an isolated retreat.

The lodge offers outside decking, a pool, leisure spaces and many locations for relaxing and enjoying the splendid Zambian evenings.  There are a number of rooms available, including one family sized, two twin, eleven standard and six executive suites benefiting from air conditioning, flat screen televisions, WIFI, tea and coffee, mineral water and room service.


The onsite restaurant offers a comprehensive menu including local and international dishes,  for anyone wishing to introduce their pallets to a uniquely African flavour. African cuisine is known for its variety of tastes, its love of native spices and a deep passion for food. For centuries meal times throughout African nations and tribes was a time for community and feasting, where the flavouring and the use of spices told a story for the taste buds.

Being so close to the city centre also means that there are a number of activities available, including local tours, restaurant visits and historical sites to see. The lodge has also positioned itself well to support the investor-interested business mind and the hubs of interest for the number of fast growing industries are close at hand.


Mukwa Lodge is very proud of the reviews that it has received, which frankly rave about the cleanliness, the privacy and comfort that can be found and how all the rooms offer as much luxury and comfort as possible.

The restaurant’s staff and desire to offer the best experience stands out from other local eateries and has turned this into as much a culinary destination as an accommodation. Room prices are very reasonable and set to encourage longer stays for those wishing to explore all the aspects of this great country.

ADDRESS: 26/28 Mpezeni Ave, Kitwe, Zambia

TELEPHONE NUMBERS: 00260 212 230 389, 00260 212 224266