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Humura Safaris Uganda was founded in 2017 by Sam Asasiira who was a local tour operator in Southwestern Uganda. In 2018 he met Doris Bartusel from Germany and both decided to develop the company together.

The business benefitted from a keen start as Sam owns hotels in Southwestern Uganda and has experience in hosting guests and a knowledge of the best places for adventures in the area; while Doris is an enthusiastic globetrotter. So, they had a very well established idea of what to expect.


Uganda is a beautiful country with unique points of interest and the local people are wonderfully friendly and open minded. But many people still associate Uganda with its tumultuous past. However,  Doris and Sam believe that visitors deserve to make their own decisions based on their experiences of all the flavour and excitement that this country can offer.


There are six people in their office in Entebbe and for the journeys they work with capable, freelance tour guides who are experienced enough to offer flexible trips. This is important as each safari is determined by what the client is looking for, what they want to see, their languages and what is the main topic of the journey. Uganda offers everything from impenetrable rainforests to safaris, so knowing the specifics and being able to act on them is crucial for client satisfaction.


Realistically there are no time limits to the length of the safaris as it is entirely up to the timeframe and budget of the clients. Generally, Humura Safaris offer bespoke-tailored short trips for two or three days for people who want to spot a certain point of interest. But they also offer trips all around Uganda which can last up to three weeks.


Accommodation can range from hotels to safari tents, from budget accommodation to midrange or luxury. Doris and Sam have good connections to all the providers, and it is really down to how much of an immersive experience the client wants at the end of the day.


Travelling sustainably is very important and Doris explains that most important to them is protecting their wildlife. For example, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a heavily guarded sanctuary where rhinos are bred. This plays an important part when showing their guests, the fervour with which these animals are protected.

Humuru Safaris Uganda won the 2019 Award for the Best Sustainable Tour Operator which was organised by the Ugandan Tourism Association.


Building relationships is the most important thing in their business. And this means a good relationship with their partners which includes hotels and guides, and this results in a better experience for the clients. All relationships begin with communication and the more that this is built on the better.

Their process involves establishing what the client wants to see and experience. Then they manage client expectations and fuel their excitement by explaining all the details of the wildlife and culture in Uganda. Once this is done, the important logistical details are defined and organised to ensure a smooth and happy client experience.

Doris says, “The more we communicate the more the guest can understand everything and feel a part of it.”


While the most famous national parks in the country are in Western or Southwestern Uganda, in 2020 Humura Safaris want to support Northern and Eastern Uganda with new ideas and newly created safaris. Highlighting the extraordinary beauty of these lesser known tourist destinations.

PRICE. Short trips are available at $1,750.00 US.

Gorilla tracking is certified and more costly but well worth it. Details best to be discussed. A fifteen day trip is set at $7,500.00 US.

ADDRESS: Entebbe Namulanda, after the Vehicle Inspection Station

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +256 776 444749

EMAIL: dorisbartusel@humurasafarisuganda.com


WEBSITE: www.humurasafarisuganda.com