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Ebony Home is an entirely digital online interior design store which was founded by Heather Black in July 2019. Despite the youth of the brand, Ebony Home is already made a name for itself as a supplier of choice to the hospitality and residential industries. A resource for those wanting to create the perfect habitat. Deeply passionate about the process and the artform of interior design and very aware of the influence of her products, Heather has stridden into the industry with charisma and confidence. We caught up with her as we leave one year to see what ’19 has meant for her and what ‘20 holds in store.


According to Heather, 2019 has been a year of frontline learning. Starting an online retail business from scratch is a challenge and she has had to learn the ins and outs of the industry on the hoof while building her business, brand and client list.

“Incredibly the big things can usually handle themselves,” she says, “It’s the small details in the background that take up the most headspace like budgeting, learning which products have the most demand, how to price products appropriately, turnaround time on orders, which marketing techniques work well and which ones don’t, learning how to keep constant open lines of communication with customers and being available to answer questions.”

If the past year has proved anything it is that Heather has hit the nail on the head with her business, because even with the back-end workload surmounting with orders she is still able to apply the levels of creativity and motivation that is required of business leaders. Especially when it comes to choosing the right products. After all it is what we put into rooms that turn them into homes. There is no substitute for quality, and Heather is constantly searching for unique, high quality products to sell in her shop. Seeking a wider variety of styles, from new and trendy to timeless classic.

Working with a range of clients from home owners to glamping site hosts, Ebony Home’s quality of service and product speaks for itself. To this end she is also quite particular on her partners, choosing to work with dependable suppliers that offer quality products with reasonable prices that are easy and affordable to ship.


Believing that customer relationships need to be regularly polished and maintained, 2019 has identified that Heather  has a complete devotion to customer satisfaction. If her clients are not happy with a product, she offers a full refund or a replacement. A risky step for any young business, unless of course you are completely confident in the value of what you are offering not only to the business but to the customers.


Heather says that she’s thoroughly enjoyed curating new and exciting collections for 2020 and is excited to share the catalogue of new products.

The new collections will include high quality furniture, unique hand-crafted decor from all over the world, fun and unique lighting, artwork, area rugs, pillows and throws to create unique and comfortable spaces that fit any style. She is also providing some great options for bedding, bath, storage, kitchen and dining.

“As I continue to learn and gain experience with running a business,” she says, “And with the recent momentum the store has been gaining, I am confident that 2020 will be a great one and I am eager to get into it.”


Generally, her prices are lower than the competitors and for the most part, the prices reflect the quality of the item.  For example, a basic duvet set, and pillow cover can go for under $10, while she also has higher quality, handmade artisan pillow covers that run from $60-$70, and higher quality bedding for those who are looking for something a little more durable. Additionally, she has a wide variety of decor, accent furniture, wall art, kitchen and dining products, bath products, storage and organization, lighting, rugs and window treatments that range from about $4.99-$1100.00.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 001  435-469-0549