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Far Corner Eco Lodge. Palomino.

*As seen in The Logbook

Situated in Palomino, next to the jungle and roughly 90km away from the nearest airport, Far Corner Eco Lodge is aptly named. Inspired by the Kogui Indigenous Community part of its focus is to spread their philosophy that the planet is a living being and that it is our responsibility to restore its balance. It offers guests the great chance to reconnect with nature in an authentic manner.



Founded by Claudio Beltrán who started building the hotel in 2017, it began operating a year later. Claudio is an artist and architect focused on creating sustainable and all-natural architecture that makes use of natural elements such as wood, rocks, sand, palm trees and clay and he uses the same construction techniques that the indigenous Kogui use.

Located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta the energy of the place is quite tangible, and the lodge is close to the beach, and right next to a tropical rainforest with waterfalls that their guests can easily access at any time of the day.


The main guest house has three double suites with private bathroom and bathtub. They also have two  bungalows  that can take up to five people or become a super suite with a hammock and yoga studio for couples. The  rooms are fitted with a private bathroom. Breakfast is a blend between local traditional dishes with spicy hints of modern cuisine made entirely with local fresh ingredients, this is available each morning. Additionally, free WIFI is available throughout the property.

Like the building materials, they use only local natural items such as rocks, knitted baskets, tables and chairs made form driftwood. Every corner of the hotel is designed to stimulate the guest’s senses by Colombian artists who became part of the project as we offer artistic residencies during the year.


Now managed by Sara Ju, Claudio’s daughter, throughout the year she works with a Venezuelan family who fled Venezuela and during the high season they make sure to employ as many locals as they can and hire all local transportation services for the guests.


Sara’s goal is to have a deep impact on their guests by connecting with them and sharing their vision of the world and their hope for humanity. So, their menu is strictly vegetarian, and they have a yoga studio where they also play documentaries on their weekly movie night.

“Our guest always end up feeling like they are part of something,” Sara says, “Part of a project intended to have a positive impact on our planet.”

She also adds that in 2020, they are planning to start their own Yoga Retreats and Yoga Ayahuasca Retreats which are bound to be a terrific success.



As the eco lodge is located next to a tropical rainforest, there is a natural magic that envelops and energizes everyone. However, Sara warns that this does come with a range of mosquitoes and spiders that are always going to be part of the show.

Oh, and pets are welcome after a consultation with management.

PRICE: From $60 US to $165 US per person, depending on the season and selected accommodations.

ADDRESS: Calle 4 Carrera 5, Marquetalia, Palomino, Magdalena, Colombia.

TELEPHONE NUMBER: (057) 3208599251