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Bolivia Mística. Bolivia. 

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Bolivia Mística, which was founded by Carmen Castañeda and Miguel Kavlin, offers two locations perfectly suited to spiritual healing, development and growth. Wizard Mountain Jungle Lodge in the Amazon and Allkamari Retreat Center in the Andes.


Enjoying a privileged natural environment ten minutes by boat from Rurrenabaque, which is a small town on the Beni River and the gateway to Bolivia’s rainforests, Wizard’s Mountain Jungle Lodge offers a quintessential jungle setting with thatched roofs, hammocks and mud baths. Offering daily healthy breakfasts guests can enjoy the natural ponds, organized hiking trips and a catalogue of deeply invigorating and self-focussed activities.


Boutique Eco Resort “Allkamari” is located near the city of La Paz, which provides guests with exceptionally beautiful landscapes, great infrastructure and tranquillity. Perfect for a stay defined by inner reflection and expression. With a capacity of 40 people in a variety of lodgings there are also a number of therapeutic services available. These include massages, reflexology, Hindu massage, yoga sessions, guided meditation and Tai Chi as well as local rituals such as Andean and Amazonian Shamanic Rituals, dances, burnt offerings and coca readings.


The accommodation on both sites has been constructed using local materials with the goal of making them comfortable, elegant and energy efficient. This can be demonstrated in the buildings that have been made of clay in the La’kauta fashion which passively stores solar power,  this can be then used to heat the rooms at night.


Offering shaman led spiritual exploration in the magic and mystery of Bolivia in a location where the land is still honoured by the native inhabitants, Bolivia Mística have created the perfect opportunity for reflection. Providing the chance to align with the ancient beliefs and customs that are still practiced here to maintain the balance between human societies and nature.


It has been said that the spiritual forces that used to reside in the Himalayas have shifted to the Andean mountains and that the encounter between the condor and the eagle has been prophesized as a symbol of times for healing.


Whether you are a believer in prophecies or not, there is no denying that this is an enchanted land, and Bolivia Mística share the best environments and experiences for purification, meditation and inspiration. And, if that is not your gig, there is plenty of opportunities for  relaxing and enjoying what our wondrous world has to offer.

Such as Palca Canyon, “el Valle de Las Ánimas” and the Laguna de Las Ánimas, which are categorized as natural monuments by the department of La Paz and is home to a number of important geological formations, animals and plantlife worth protecting.


Bolivia is one of the best kept secrets in South America and has pristine environments, the largest indigenous  populations on the continent and the first-ever Indigenous President in the Americas. Despite an undeveloped economy, local culture and spirituality is flourishing making this a safe, sincere and genuine travel destination brimming with authenticity.,

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