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Going Back To The Source In Montana

According to a new study from WalletHub that ranks the US states in terms of happiness, analysts have discovered what people consider being happy means. Factors such as getting sufficient sleep or living in a green environment. Minnesota ranks on top of the list, while West Virginia is the least happy state. When it comes to travel, it’s fair to say that holidaymakers will also consider their destination choice based on the list. It’s easy to see that some of the happiest states will attract more visitors. Similarly, you can imagine that states that landed at the bottom of the list might also attract curious travellers who want to understand how a state with such an important historic role, such as West Virginia, could be described as the least happy place in the US. 

But what about the states in between? Montana, which ranks number 23 out of 50 states is likely to be forgotten by backpackers and weekend goers. Indeed, in terms of emotional and physical well-being, Montana has a poor reputation that landed it at the 29th place. But it’s something the locals can blame on the grizzly bears. However, Montana is the perfect destination for a resourcing weekend that helps you to recharge your batteries. It may not be the best place to live in the US, but it is one of the best places to immerse yourself and forget about everyday worries. Here’s why: 

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The glorious historic centre of cities

Native Americans inhabited the Montana regions for centuries. As a result, many areas built during the 19th century have kept a strong connection with their historic landscapes and culture. Stories of buffalo hunts and the Great Northern Railway building haunt the local cities, and you may want to stop at the local Rundle Suites hotel in Glasgow, MT, to get to feel how the pioneers and early settlers would have lives. The Rundle building is a historic landmark that developed to welcome travelers who boarded the Northern Railway trains in search of the American Dream. The Wolf Point is another area where you can still get a firsthand sensation of what the pioneer life would have been in town. 

A no-interruption natural space

Most pioneers in the 1880s and Native Americans before them would have lived in organized camped communities. You may not want to embrace the risk of wild sleeping in Montana. But you can have a look for a Glo Dome community or similar protected glamping area that would let you sleep in the middle of nature without being at risk. You can find cozy glamping accommodations on Airbnb that have everything you need to make you forget about the routine for the weekend. 

Rustic and active lifestyle that makes you forget about your worries.

Last but not least, Montana offers a slow-paced lifestyle that encourages inhabitants and visitors to spend as much time outdoors as possible. You can relax in little town cafes, close your eyes for an instant and enjoy the fresh air. With a lot of greenery around, towns feel fresh and clean like the memories of an old postcard. Sat by an old building, you can watch the day goes by without ever needing to check your social media updates. 

Perhaps, the magic of Montana is that it still feels like an old state that embraces its roots. And for anyone who lives in a busy city, there’s nothing more satisfying than remembering that there was a time where people chose to live slowly.